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The Seminole Tribe of Florida was one of the few tribes never to sign a peace treaty or surrender to the U.S. government, hiding out in Florida's swamps and living in poverty. In 1979, they pioneered Indian Gaming, fighting in the courts and Congress for tribal sovereignty to allow gambling in their bingo halls. And now? They bought Hard Rock Cafe on December 7, for $965 million.
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But they're being sued over possible collusion in the sale, so void where prohibited by law, etc.
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Weird, I could have sworn this was a double, but maybe not. Interesting stuff about the Seminoles though. I didn't know that they had never signed a treaty or surrendered.

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Does this make them a "Seminole influence" on rock-themed restaurants?

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One of the best bumper stickers I ever saw. I cant remember the Indian Nation, so I will use Seminole.
"Seminole Nation, fighting terrorism since 1492."
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"Seminole Nation, fighting terrorism since 1492."

Actually the Seminoles didn't exist until the early 1700s, they were the remnants of tribes from Georgia that had survived the mass die-offs of the 16th and 17th centuries, %90+ mortality rate. But it's better than the %100 mortality rate the native Florida indians suffered, who were wiped off the face of the planet. Which is too bad because based on Hernando de Soto's descriptions they sounded pretty cool.
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The original didn't mention the Seminoles or any other tribe.
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Wired recently had an article about the Seminoles called "Blood feud".
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The Seminoles also hosted the best party I've ever been to.
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A friend of mine that works at DHS found a tee-shirt on an Apache reservation in New Mexico that said "Homeland Security, fighting terrorism since 1492" and had a picture of a group of warriors.
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The kids' costumes looked like the sort of thing I've seen in pictures from Guatemala.
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jefgodesky and Pollomacho: The original picture is probably of Apaches - I'm pretty sure that's a picture of Geronimo and his group.
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My fave:

"Fuck Columbus" (on front); on back: "He was lost."
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Now that we have lured them out of the swamps, we've got them right where we want them.
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fyi: those warriors on that "homeland security" t-shirt?

geronimo's men.
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any links to said t-shirts?
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Chief Osceola, or Billy Powell, the child of a Muscogee Indian woman and an English trader was the leader of the Seminole Indians against the US government during the early 1800's. Although they were vastly outnumbered, the Seminoles' stand off lasted for 10 years.

The Seminole tribe in Florida is also involved in dispute with Florida State University and the NCAA. In it, NCAA demands from FSU to give up its long held and widely used insignia (the mascot Chief Osceola, and the nickname itself). But the Seminole tribe is actually... supporting the University and not the Athletic Association. The governor has weighed in.
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The NCAA is no longer in any dispute with FSU over that "issue." FSU shows respect and honor to the tribe, the tribe agrees, and the NCAA withdrew from a preliminary position reflected in the previous post. The above post is old, moot, "news."
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Actually, the link above is from AP, dated November 2006. The article explains that NCAA withdrew its demands under litigation threats. This is why Jeb Bush had to step in indicating he would use legislature measures to overcome NCAA's case.

As a Seminole fan myself, I would hate to see Chief Osceola going, but NCAA has a serious point.
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any links to said t-shirts?

They sell them here in Madison, WI downtown in a shop on State Street called "Shakti". Unless you're a local, I doubt that does anything for you. We got one for my son for Christmas.
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Front: Homeland Securitaeh
Back: Fighting Teh Libral Surplus since 2001

No really, why are they buying such an overpriced , under recognized brand which is spitting just 31M a year ? To get all of Jimi's guitar ? I mean no offence, but who is Jimi ? Hit me with Paris
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Link to the t-shirt.
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God, I love that shirt. I saw a truck once with a bumper sticker that said "My Grandpa Killed Custer" and to this day I want whoever drove that truck to show up on my side the next time I'm in a fight.
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The original picture is probably of Apaches - I'm pretty sure that's a picture of Geronimo and his group.

You're probably right, but it doesn't mention any tribe, though apparently Bill Cosby showed up at the Seminoles' casino wearing one, which might lend a bit more to the confusion.
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Indians get ripped off yet again...
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Your favorite tribally-owned theme restaurant sucks.
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I prefer my presidential speeches in this format (As posted previously).
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whoops. wrong thread. sorry, everyone.
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jefgodesky, thanks for the West Wind tshirt link. I've been thinking about getting a Homeland Security shirt for a while but I'm glad I waited. A knockoff isn't exactly in keeping with the spirit of the message. I'd much rather buy from the original artist:

in keeping with the traditional, sleezy European custom of stealing everything we have, sabotaging us, and giving nothing back, RAA (Real American A-holes) conned me into having them print the shirts (like you would pay Kinko's to print your manuscripts) and ripped my complete design off in violation of copyright law.
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