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Following up with the great post about Drawergeeks is the Drawing Board. It's a forum created by Shane Glines made up comic book artists, illustrators and animators ranging from professionals to amateurs. Inside the Drawing Board one can find Superhero Drawing Jams, Artist's take on a model nsfw, Model sheets used in Animated movies, personal sketchbooks and nice works of illustration.
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I knew about this site five years ago but I went back recently and it's changed dramatically.
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A somewhat peripheral comment but the subject of "Artist's take on a model" Kristin Kreuk, lives about five houses down from my aunt in Vancouver in a gorgeous restored Victorian home. I had heard someone famous with that name lived there but had never seen her picture. I think I will have to go introduce myself now. I'm sure she is waiting for someone like me to do just that.
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Excellent post Hands of Manos, amazing site. I love the sketchbooks link but the whole site is packed wall to wall with treasure. Thanks.
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I thought it was especially interesting to see the Glines' style of illustration on more mature subjects than just caped crusaders.
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omg, going through that sketchbooks links, it's *awesome*! I love Mattias' work, his blogspot is also a treasure trove.
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Whoa. Nice site, lots of cool stuff. On the downside, it looks like it could suck up as much time as this place does.
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This thread, where people post various Mike Mignola images, is pretty sweet. Eventually, people start inking Mignola pencils, with interesting results.
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check here as well: self-explanatory.
Vectortown is okay for Illustrator tips and some nice artist profiles.
illustrationfriday is fun.
eatpoo(I know, I know) is like the drawingboard in some ways.
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wonderful stuff (and yours too, concrete)--thanks!
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