New Scientist Short List of Fun Materials
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Walking on liquids, corn starch rocking out to the beat of a subwoofer and materials that expand as they stretch are just some of the cool videos mentioned in The Stuff of Dreams (plenty more links in the last link).
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What the heck was in that pool?
posted by UseyurBrain at 8:05 PM on January 3, 2007

Oh, and Previously and previously.
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furtive, That was seriously cool! Thanks. I had no idea about non-Newtonian fluids. Very fun.
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Yeah, lots of previously. And MoFi beat ya to it by about three weeks.

Still... pretty cool stuff to watch.
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I take that back.... I don't think they had your last link, and that's the best of all. Cool.
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UseyurBrain, it was cornstarch and water.
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Yeah, they did something very similar on Brainiac where one of the hosts, John Tickle, runs across a pool of custard. The basic principle is that hard foot steps will cause the material to temporarily solidify enough for you to take another step. If you stop moving or walk too lightly, you sink.

It was cool.
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If anyone reading this hasn't clicked the last link and viewed the ferroliquid video, DO SO NOW.

That stuff is fascinating. Does anyone know what type of apparatus it is they are using that they can control the location of the field like that?
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Seriously, my brain hurts. What would happen if I poked it?
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Those geeks were getting a little too excited about the corn starch...
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invititapriore, it looks like five electromagnets on the bottom (just one on the top?). From what I understand, the finer, smaller spikes result from a magnetic field with a larger source while the big, tall spikes are produced by smaller, more concentrated fields.

ztdavis, not much, aside from an oily finger. You won't really interact with the forces propping the oil up.

I do have a question, though: if the fields were left on, would the ferrous particles seperate from the oil?
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That dancing cornstarch reminds me of the vagina flower thread below.

I actually remember making this in science class as a kid, and then begging my mom to let me make it at home later. My teacher read us a Dr. Suess book about "oobleck" and then let us make our own, and even though I was only ten at the time it's always stuck with me and it's something I plan to do with my future maybe one-day kids.
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The beginning of the subwoofer cornstarch video has been commended as being strongly vaginal, which bothers some men.
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