Saddam's Iraq and his Execution
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Saddam"s Iraq and his Execution Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Topics include international press coverage, how the execution technique was selected, summary executions under Saddam's regime, history of execution pictures, and brief descriptions of several forms of hanging. Also includes background about Saddam's relationship with the United States. But how did he come to power? Here, a concise history, from beginning to the present
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this is linked in the first link, and an excellent resource for anyone writing about the legal process used to judge dujail.
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For the short version here's a video. [Flash and sound warning].
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Not that I'm into snuff films, but did the unexpurgated cell-phone video make it onto the 'Net in its entirety?
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I'd like to see a page dealing with the proper etiquette of state murder. I think this is critical since so much the objections to how Saddam was killed seem to hinge on questions of attire and the proper tone and content of conversation during a killing. In the absence of an Iraqi agony aunt how is one supposed to know? So much vital experience was lost in the de-baathification and in the absence of a good intranet this kind of institutional is lost. Bygones.
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institutional knowledge that is....
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Not that I'm into snuff films, but did the unexpurgated cell-phone video make it onto the 'Net in its entirety?

If by 'in it's entirety' you mean approximately three minutes, then yes. I linked to it in the previous Saddam execution thread here.
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Goodnight, Sunniman.
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I think Machiavelli argued best when he said that necessary cruelty which kills some is better than exercising no cruelty at all and allowing a multitude to die.
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But this was unnecessary cruelty that is likely to inflame an already volatile situation and cause more people to die.
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Indeed, I was just thinking of when Saddam was in power.
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Shouldn't the US have handed him over with sone ceremony, to people in suits or uniforms?
They gave him up to people in leather jackets and ski masks.
"Oh, you guys in ski masks must be here for the former dictator. Here you go. Make sure he dies, OK!"

What a crock of shit. But I guess that we should be lucky that we still have a crock.
posted by Balisong at 7:48 PM on January 4, 2007

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