Fantasy Sports Gone Wild
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With the Fantasy Football season now over, everyone's looking for other media to play on top of. Tabloids, for example, and Congress. And now even reruns of the Sopranos are fair game.
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Missed a big one.
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You know, I tried to get into that fantasy Congress thing. I went so far as to plow through several screens' worth of choosing a team, and all I kept thinking was: exactly when does this get to be fun, again?

That Sopranos thing, OTOH, looks like it might just be a hoot. Bada bing, as they say.
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There's also Fafarazzi, another shameful fantasy game rejoicing in the misdeeds and rumored screw-ups of the rich and (in)famous.

Naturally, that other site with all the bunnies has something of a league going on there.
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Maybe there should be some sort of fantasy Meta game. Flameouts score maximum points. Requests for the < .img> tag lose points. Complaining to Metatalk about a post and having it deleted gets points while not getting it deleted loses points. Starting a thread that gets over 100 posts scores points and additional points for every 50 posts thereafter.

First game is AmbroseChapel v. Stavros. Stavros is clearly a first round draft pick.
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I am one of the founders of The Tabloid Fantasy League. It is like fantasy sports but you draft a team of celebrities. You get points when your team's celebs' photos appear in In Touch, Star, People or Us Weekly. Please visit the site and give it a try.

Thanks for mentioning us.
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