Vintage Travel Labels
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761 Vintage Travel Labels fans of art deco & european pre-war design, look no further.
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Wow, what a great collection!
posted by amyms at 4:26 PM on January 7, 2007

Great find.
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I always thought those were a gag. Who actually used them? It appears to be mostly hotels from your sample, but I always had though it would be customs/immigration or airlines. Does anyone still use them?
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Sweet, the first one is Ceuta!
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Love travel & love the vintage designs! Cool collection! :)

People definitely used to use them. To quote this site: "...Most noteworthy are the luggage labels issued by the world’s hotels, and airlines. Their original use was purely functional and hotels and steamship lines used them to connect luggage with their owners, to its method of transport and finally to its hotel of destination. Later, they became fashionable objects of conspicuous consumption – identifying the owner as a well-traveled and possibly cultured person of means."

Foreign tour companies definitely still use tags to quickly identify their clients' luggage for transport, but they usually attach a printed tag to the handle with elastic instead of slapping stickers on people's bags. Unfortunately, the tags nowadays aren't 1/1000th as cool or beautiful as they used to be, so they're nothing to save... they just have a lame company logo on them or something. Bleh.
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Today we have the little horsey guy from Polo, an alligator, etc. that we use to show our "status".

This collection is very cool.
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Sweet post, jonson. Thanks.
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Later, they became fashionable objects of conspicuous consumption

This reminds me of those jackasses at my middle school (it was private) that used to leave their ski lift tickets on their winter jackets, months and years after having taken said ski lift. Do people still do that?
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As a kid, I always wanted to have a hard-shell suitcase covered in these.
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I will clean yer toilets for a year because this post is sooo excellent!
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dhammond: Yes. Unfortunately.
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I always wanted one of those too, Brittanie. About eight years ago I found an AMAZING one at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet & fell in love with it... up until I picked it up and realized that, while still empty, it weighed as much as a pre-teen child.
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Years ago, I bought an old suitcase and copied many of these labels onto sitcker paper and stuck them all over it. But the result was too nice for real travel so the suitcase just sits around for show...
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