Rare elements
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Very cool. It would be nice if it had a bit more than just examples of some of the more complex methods (explanations of how they are constructed, common uses, etc.) but it's a good overview. Off to wikipedia for more info!
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So far this has been fascinating, I'd like to be able to print some of the more complex explanations but its really quite amazing.
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What would be *really* interesting is if they mapped this "space" of isomorphisms well enough that they were able to propose a new un-invented candidate.

Sort of like the real Periodic Table or like Gell-Mann did with the Eightfold Way.
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seems kinda dated
posted by localhuman at 11:25 PM on January 7, 2007

You know what's missing from the chart? A box for the "Periodical Chart" model of Visualization.
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Genius diagram! wow. Thanks for this excellent find fatllama.
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didn't see powerpoint, where should it go on there?
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haha, that's awesome! {shuffles off to make an argument slide}
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I would have hoped that a website about visualization would have been organised in a more visually intuitive way, rather than just cramming a bunch of data into an organization that is designed for something else and has no relevance to what they are organizing.
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seems kinda dated

Agreed. Who else is dissapointed not to see a Sparkline element? Also, the amount of conveyed information clearly increases as one goes down the 2nd column---a direct correspondence to the trend of chemical activity in the alkaline-earth elements. However, I couldn't spot similar relationships in all the columns.
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Couldn't help looking up "Chernoff Faces".
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I like it! Thanks!
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