3D flythrough of a mall video arcade, circa 1984.
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Arcade '84, from Cinemarcade. (Warning: 32MB MPEG. Low bandwidth short version here). Two liter bottle of Shasta and all Rush mix-tape not included. For more 3d rendered arcade cabinet goodness, see the TimeOut Tunnel movie project. Put together your own arcade and populate it with models and textures from the 3d Arcade at MAMEworld.
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That TimeOut Tunnel project is amazing.

And now I know at least one other person loves the Shasta/Rush line as much as I do.
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Make it a two liter of Sun Country Cooler and I'm there.

These are all great projects. I spent the better part of a weekend setting up my 3d Arcade and tinkering with all the obscure configuration text files. That was about three years ago though. Has the setup and configuration gotten any easier with all the revisions? If so, might be time to revisit that particular obsession.
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I use the short form of that Arcade 84 video as a start-up video on my MAME cabinet. That was truely the Golden Age of video games and the Van Halen video in the background is a nice touch.

I look forward to the Timeout project being completed.
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It's cool, and must have been a lot of work, but I can't possibly imagine what the point of this is... so the kids today can understand what an arcade is?
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The purpose is for me to crown the creators as gods and worship them.
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Elf shot the food
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ok if that makes them happy, who am i to say no.
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When I was in 8th grade, I had the tremendous good fortune of having an arcade open up literally right next door to the apartment where I was living with my Dad. As with many kids at that age, my family/social/school life was pretty dismal at the time, and that arcade was my daily refuge. It was nothing like the idealized 3D arcade featured in this post. It was smoky, smelly, and dank, but that's where I spent my afternoons. I could spend hours playing Crazy Climber for a couple of quarters or pile up the free games playing Xenon pinball. That arcade is long, long gone. These recreations just offer up a little mindless nostalgia for a dude now pushing 40, and I'm eternally grateful to the people who give their time to these projects.
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I always walked down to the 7-11 to play games when I was Jr. High, was great. Double Dragon.

My favorite Gyruss and Assault (I liked the tank controls) of that day.
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I'm ordering a SmellBlaster 32 so I can experience the stale cigarette smoke and teen B.O.!

They forgot the virtual jean-jacket/lumberjack shirt tough selling pot in the back corner.
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I wanted to snark at this, I really did, but the second they got to the arcade with the neon lights, I could almost smell it.

Even if I was a little later in the game than this video depicts(Early 90's / Street Fighter 2 all day long) I miss my days of hanging out in arcades like women in romance novels miss a fire-haired lover.
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Kind of related previous post that may be of interest to those who missed it the first time.
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