makes 'em look like cool spacemen or ghengis khan or aliens or evel knievels...
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The sport and hobby of Falconry, or hunting small game with raptors has been around since ~600 bce. What you might not have known is that there is a small industry to provide your hawk or falcon with a jaunty chapeau, often necessary to keep the bird calm. More here, here, and here. And then there's the crazy. All you need... is five-hundred geepee...
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You also need a gray Van Dyke goatee, some black turtlenecks, and a steely-eyed stare.
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Also, I would like to point out one of the greatest most funniest and bleak and fantastic films of all time: Kes by Brit director Ken Loach.

Kes is for Kestrel
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Aww. I couldn't find the video except on stupid NBC's commercial-laden website, but here is the script of...The Falconer!

While in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as a teenager, I was at a souk and was offered a falcon for the equivalent of around $180.

I was tempted, for a second.
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Weird, I was just thinking about taking up Falconry yesterday. Of course I was also thinking about what I'd do if I won the lottery.
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I've always wanted to get an owl, and I've been told that a fast track to getting the necessary permissions is to get into falconry. Apparently once you demonstrate the proper skills at caring for the bird, a lot of the barriers are eased up on.

I've never had the time or money to pursue the project, and my houseful of pets probably wouldn't make a good home to such a big bird, but I've always thought it would be a cool companion.

Ah well, maybe in a couple of decades, when I'm retired and have the necessary free time to dedicate to such an undertaking.
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When I saw "jaunty chapeau" I instantly pictured a falcon in a little top hat. Sadly, that was not in the links.
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I'm sorry for misleading you. :(
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Interesting post exlotuseater. What beautiful birds falcons are.

For a while in New Delhi I adopted a kite (a hawk-like type of vulture) that had been wounded in a storm and nursed it back to health until it could fly again. What an amazing, and huge, raptor that was. I was scared of it, while loving it. His name was Raja. Incredibly sharp talons I found out when I picked it up for the first time and a beak that could probably have snapped off my fingers as I hand fed him back to life and flight again. But he was a gentleman and seemed to understand I meant no harm and did me none. An elegant bird.

Those are wonderful falcon hoods. Arabian hoods. Mongolian hoods. There are also falcon blocks. Aside: the etymology of the English word, mews, comes from the mewing sound falcons make.
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The Atlanta Falcons have a real falcon (not Freddy Falcon, the mascot) that flies around the Georgia Dome before games. I assume that he is someone's pet.

I've watched faconry practice at the Falconry Academy in West Virginia.

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai uses falcons to keep pigeons away.
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I love watching the wild raptors that fly around my house. Some nights an owl perches on the peak of my neighbor's roof. In sillouette it looks amazingly like a large cat.

Nice thing about falcons is they catch rabbits. Rabbits are lovely with beer and date sauce, a Belgian speciality.
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Kes is f'ing brilliant (Dated trailer, YouTube).
Why is Metafilter reliving my childhood for me today?
"Don't know sir"
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