How things work.
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How things work. Yes I know there's a plethora of physics-related 'how things work' websites out there, but I got absorbed in this one for a long time (run by physics prof Louis Bloomfield). Started with my wondering: "Why do colors fade in sunlight?" The first page though has an interesting bit (with video) about explosive superheated water. Don't try this at home.
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Another good one is How Stuff Works
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A discussion ofThe Way Things Work is never complete without reference to David Macaulay and gratuitous mention of H. Beard (Bored of the Rings) and R Barret's word The Way Things Really Work.
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Actually, you can make your own superheated explosive water at home, with a cup and a microwave. You're right, though...doing so intentionally is a bad idea.
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look, it's named after me!
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