A good match for the giant centipede!
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Bullfrog aren't selective eaters. They eat anything that they can swallow (including other bullfrogs). And remember, they are coming for YOU. Scary animals on Metafilter: Giant Amazonian Centipede, Snakehead, horrors from the abyss.
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man, the camera work on the bullfrog link sucked. They show the frog jump, and then... the aftermath, if you're lucky.
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Damn American audiences. We're apparently much more squeamish than... the rest of the world.

I liked the video, though.
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Toads eating birds would make my night, but damn that demure editing.

On the subject of amphibians, Australia has quite a problem with the cane toads.
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Waybackwhen whilst
fishing farm ponds I used to pass time waiting for the bass to bite by casting a plastic worm (sans hook) on the bank near bull frogs. With a good cast (not to far/close), all it took was a coupla wiggles on the line and them bull frogs always pounced on the lure. They would not_let_go for anything and. The real trick was reeling them fast enough to release them before the worm made it into their stomach. good times.
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In the event that I ever eat a plastic cheese burger somebody tossed me I'd hope they'd catch me fast enough before it reached my stomach too. Doubt they would though.
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Frogs and their ilk are the few animals that squick me out, ever since I saw a picture of a bullfrog with a mouse's tail and hind legs sticking out of its mouth. Damn you, Owl Magazine!

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Another nasty invasive eat-everything frog is the African Clawed Frog. I've seen some in a fish tank that had eaten the eyes off much larger goldfish. In So-Cal there have been water reservoirs that had outlet grates so-clogged with their bodies that something had to be done. (How did they get there? Some idiot found they were too aggressive in the fish tank so they decided to "set them free". Do they get sympathy in the wild? A TV crew was sent to cover one "frog abatement" survey/effort at a reservoir and the female personality found them so disgusting that her sympathy evaporated).

I've haven’t seen any info what happens when bullfrogs (Lithobates catesbeianus previously Rana catesbeiana) and African clawed frogs (Xenopus laevis) compete against each other.
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#Alvy Ampersand: Frogs ... squick me out ... ever since ... a picture of a bullfrog with a mouse's tail and hind legs sticking out of its mouth.

For your viewing pleasure: nickbachman on YouTube likes to make videos of frogs and other things eating baby mice. (31 videos so far).
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Dang, I had no idea frogs ate birds or other non-aquatic critters.

Big boy.

Frogs' legs recipe.

Giant bat eating centipede . And these Flickr pics of a giant centipede and other scary critters (thanks mjjj).
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#nickyskye: Frogs' legs recipe.

One time in France near lunchtime we were in a minor city with a fair wait for a connecting train to another minor city. Near the station was a Chinese restaurant, so in we went. They served the best "grenouille Pekinoise" (frog legs Peking style - in this case sauted legs with a spicy sweet & sour sauce). Then again I've never experienced this dish elsewhere so by definition it has to be both my best and my worst. Anyway it was delicious.

My spelling or Google-fu might off but I can't find any mention of such a dish on the intertubes.
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Bullfrogs Eat Everything. Cobra vs. Rat Snake. Blood Squirting Lizard. Leopard vs. Hyena vs. Lion.
National Geographic Video Shorts
(.m4v downloads will play through Quicktime)
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Ok, the bat eating centipede? THAT squicked ME out. Aaaaaagghh. ::Shiver::

I had a pet frog as a kid though. His name was Hoppy. He walked on a leash & everything...
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MonkeySaltedNuts, I had one of those African Clawed frogs! I got it as a birthday present from a friendin 3rd grade! It died this summer, though. Poor Flipper.
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MonkeySaltedNuts : Cuisses de grenouilles, sauce à la pékinoise.
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I love animals that eat live prey--maybe I should get a pet bull frog. I'd love to catch birds and feed them to it.
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"...with a mouth as big as the great outdoors"

I had no idea Tom Robbins was scripting for National Geographic specials. Neat.
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#MonkeySaltedNuts: frog legs Peking style - in this case sated legs with a spicy sweet & sour sauce.

#nickyskye: Cuisses de grenouilles, sauce à la pékinoise.

Nice try nickyskye but neither of your references have anything to do with what I mentioned.

When I am stuck in a small town/city in Europe I often choose which of the maybe 3 open restaurants to eat at by which has the most customers.

Sometimes it is a Chinese restaurant, and there you can have some fun to see how local foods get a Chinese transformation (like "grenouille Pekinoise").

Once in upcountry Sweden during winter (the non-tourist season) there was the only options of the hotel restaurant (few customers) and a Chinese joint (packed).

At the Chinese place not only were we able to get vegetables (Sweeds hate them) but we also found "sweet&sour Swedish meatballs" and some dishes based on "stirred fried reindeer".
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"But how did they manage to become such eating machines?"

I wish they'd answered that. I understand frogs have got a tight jaw, but I have a hard time comprehending that a scorpion wouldn't sting, a tarantula's hair wouldn't hurt, a spider wouldn't bite etc once within those dreaful jaws.

They've got no fangs, no beak, no claws, no constriction. What gives with the languid prey?
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sauce à la pékinoise.

And how the fuck is that a recipe for a Beijing-style sauce?

Olive oil?
Balsamic vinegar?

Did they relocate Beijing in the mediterranean and forget to tell me?
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We kick-seine creeks in the summer and examine the wonderous live treasures that swim into the net. I tell the kids to carefully wet their hands before touching anything so it will live when gently returned to the water. Especially the frogs, I say, as they are a barometer of the health of the creek and are endangered by our own turgid human footprint.

Thanks for this post. I have learned muchly. This summer, they can stomp on all those fuckers they catch.
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Biocontrol? That's communism.
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Did you know the word "squick" originated around 1994 in the alt.tasteless newsgroup as a response to the question "What is the sound of a good skull fucking?"

I've been seeing the word a lot lately so I decided to look into it.

So there. You get to learn about frogs and skullfucking all in one post.

You're welcome.
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but neither of your references have anything to do with what I mentioned.

How do you figure that MonkeySaltedNuts?

Cuisses de grenouilles means frogs legs and à la pékinoise means the French version of Peking style.
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