Tiny steel sculptures.
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Sam Buxton designs cute sculptures that fold-out from flat pieces of stainless steel.
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Cool post. So nice. I love Peter Buxton's art.

One can buy his Mikro gems and they're quite affordable. This is my favorite and it's only 7 pounds (guess that's about 15 bucks or so).

I wonder if his work was inspired by Peter Callesen's paper masterpieces?
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Excellent thanks econous. And thanks for the Callesen linky nickyskye - I was trying to find it and couldn't think of the right search term. I guess the metal work is more difficult.
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These are excellent! My favorite, so far, is this one. I wonder if he'll do a recumbent sometime?

By the way, the MikroWorld site is pretty cool and kind of fun to explore.
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thanks! I'd seen (and loved) this guys' work but had no idea who he was - much obliged for the post, econus.
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You're right fenriq, the MikroWorld site is cool. Here's a pic of Sam Buxton from another fun site to explore.
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Reminds me of Chris Ware's stuff, somehow.
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These tiny steel sculptures will no doubt be the highlight of the spring Argos catalogue.
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I'd seen these in a cute little boutique in our gayborhood. They are sold in little credit-card-like packages that you fold out. I don't know that I'd buy one because they are so small and fragile, but they look like fun little conversation pieces.
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Another designer who makes playful furniture/art that reminds me of the papercut look of MikroWorld figures is Tord Boontje's work, especially the lamps.
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The paper cutting art is impressive - the metal work is off the scale.
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I was reminded of Peter Callesen's work as well, I actually wanted to post his site a little while ago but it had already been posted.
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I figure it's all done with lasers.
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Frickin' lasers in fact.

I am very impressed by these. It keys in on my love for precision metal working and my fascination with sculpture.

Super-cool stuff all around.
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How can you buy them in the US? I am looking for a funky b-day gift for a friend, and this would be perfect!
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It's achieved by a process of photo chemical milling, which is used in the electronics and medical industries.

WaterSprite, he delivers to the US.
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