Turn Your Head and Oink
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What disease does your pig have? Mine has Porcine Epidemic Diahorroea!
posted by hermitosis (17 comments total)
Is your hawg on drugs?

How would you now? How could you tell?

Look for these warnin' signs...

...sudden weight loss...

...euphoria leadin' to paranoia...

...stealitization of your things...

...and jibbery style oinkery (what makes no sense a 'tall)

Warn your hawgs about the dangers of meth a'fore it's too damn late.

I am Early Cuyler and that concludes my court ordered community service.
posted by jaronson at 7:43 PM on January 14, 2007

My pigs only suffer from tasting mighty fine after a spell in a properly tended smoker.
posted by Ynoxas at 7:45 PM on January 14, 2007

Makes me think of the great Swine Flu scare of '76.
posted by GavinR at 7:46 PM on January 14, 2007

One of the possible Skin/Bodily Symptoms is "Hairy Pigs".

That is all.

Oh yeah, and "Mummified Pigs" is on there somewhere.
posted by hermitosis at 7:51 PM on January 14, 2007

Cityslickers think farmer's stuff is funny!
posted by spock at 9:35 PM on January 14, 2007

Farmers think cityslicker's stuff is funny too.

And btw, I have just as much farmer cred as I do cityslicker. So I laugh all the time.
posted by hermitosis at 9:45 PM on January 14, 2007

I'm with spock.
posted by anthill at 9:53 PM on January 14, 2007

This is one of the stupidest posts evar.
posted by delmoi at 9:54 PM on January 14, 2007

May I recommend the gallery.
posted by rolypolyman at 9:56 PM on January 14, 2007

I'm in Hog Cholera.
(goose stepping pigs??? Animal Farm was True!)
posted by isopraxis at 10:06 PM on January 14, 2007

My last pig pooped in the corner of his pen like a good pig, got out of his pen several times like a bad pig, and loved a couple of good cold lagers dumped into his trough like anyone else. He also loved having the bristles between his eyes scratched.
And he tasted so good fried with apples, He was a good pig.
posted by Iron Rat at 10:52 PM on January 14, 2007

Am I missing something here?
Or am I just too city for 'ya'll'
posted by Holy foxy moxie batman! at 12:02 AM on January 15, 2007

You and your damn pigs! I've got a koala bear with wet bottom syndrome (that's right - cystitis). Do you even care?
posted by Smart Dalek at 6:00 AM on January 15, 2007

My favorite part of the site is the favicon.
posted by synaesthetichaze at 7:29 AM on January 15, 2007

My blue, hairy, sneezing, head-on-one-side, running a fever and off their feed weaners have a 78% chance of Actinobacillus Pleuropneumonia (App).

God help us.
posted by mr_crash_davis at 9:58 AM on January 15, 2007

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