Icebox doing the dot-com death dance.
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Icebox doing the dot-com death dance.
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And bringing together yet-another trend of the moment, they've put up an Amazon Honor Button on the homepage.
posted by captaincursor at 7:23 PM on February 9, 2001

Wow, that gay duck cartoon sounds like a TNT blast of pure entertainment.
posted by xtrmntr at 8:42 PM on February 9, 2001

In its short life, Icebox burned through $15 million...

DOING WHAT?! Jeez, by the looks of it, I could have done what they did for a couple hundred bucks!

I bet it was all those $2000 aeron chairs.
posted by crunchland at 9:10 PM on February 9, 2001

Something else I never checked out because I don't have broadband.
posted by dhartung at 10:39 PM on February 9, 2001

Apparently, dhartung, you didn't miss anything.
posted by xtrmntr at 10:42 PM on February 9, 2001

Icebox sucked.

I went to the San Diego Comic Con in 2000 and Icebox had a panel and they showed some Zombie College and Kricfalusi's stuff. Icky, awful, unentertaining. Kricfalusi, it seems to me, is more entertaining when he has his id in check by suits.

The really disgusting thing was the pseudo-hipsters in the audiences - writers and whatever - all talking about how Icebox was great and the latest Friends script they were working on.

More proof that just because you can write for a sitcom does not guarantee you can write for the web.
posted by artlung at 11:32 PM on February 9, 2001

My sister, an animation student, always maintained that Icebox was terrible and that most of her classmates were already doing better work. "Zombie College!? That's the whole premise. Zombies. College." As a result I never went to check it out myself, but I'm sure she won't be too sad to learn of its demise.
posted by Jeanne at 6:00 AM on February 10, 2001 wong! we'll miss you
posted by physics at 9:50 AM on February 10, 2001

a walking Asian stereotype
Woah--crazy! When I think of Asian sterotypes, I usually imagine them with no legs! Off the wall!
posted by sonofsamiam at 10:05 AM on February 10, 2001

Whats ironic is that they are SXSW finalist in the Film/Film Industry, Humor/Satire, Streaming Video, and Weird/Extreme categories.

posted by dangerman at 10:34 AM on February 10, 2001

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