Torture Still Widespread In Asia Says Amnesty
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Torture Still Widespread In Asia Says Amnesty. On Drudge. Do you think human rights violations of this sort mandate sanctions? I tend to not be a big fan of the U.S.'s ineffective Iraqi or Cuban sanctions but... This is very, very brutal. What do you think the proper U.S./European response should be?
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The proper U.S./European response should be to stop the hate/bigotry/racism/rapes/spousal abuse/other crimes that happen within the geographic territories of U.S. and Europe first before trying to do anything in "Asia."

[insert your cause] begins at home.
posted by tamim at 3:09 AM on February 10, 2001

sweden the head of the EC have some cleaning to do themselvs first, which does not mean we should close out eyes to the rest of the world though.
posted by jema at 3:55 AM on February 10, 2001

Of course, the entire philosophy of Amnesty International is that you're directed to pressure a country other than your own. When they focus their PR on specific cases, they are often extremely effective.
posted by dhartung at 12:41 PM on February 10, 2001

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