I Can't Go Out Tonight. I Have To Wash My Hair.
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Better Hair Through Chemistry. Exploratorium magazine tells us how to reduce our number of "bad hair days" with a little scientific know-how and some common sense. Also, how to make your own Hair Hygrometer!
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Folk cure poll: If you occasionally have dandruff, use vinegar. Head & Shoulders is habit forming...
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I avoid bad hair days by letting my hair do whatever it wants. It might still be bad, but it's happy.
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Call me a bigot, but I can't take anyone seriously who writes, "About a year ago (about the same time I became a blonde), I started doing a little research into hair and makeup for a book that I planned to write."
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Well, I'm a blonde (but it's dishwater blonde, so it doesn't count in the dumb-blonde-joke kind of way) lol... But I am plagued by frizzy hair, and traumatized by bad hair days, and I took the article seriously... I always like it when useful info is presented in a fun way.
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Interesting site, lots there for educators.
*Adds exploratorium to del.icio.us*
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Wow. They had me at "a tiny, saclike hole in your skin."
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Problem solved.
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