The neverending David Gonterman.
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David Gonterman is still alive. Gonterman was last mentioned here five years ago. Gonterman has become a long-time Deviant. Gonterman is accepting comissions via his journal. Gonterman is writing a "part autobiography" about a boy who was teased in school and retreated into a fantasy land. Gonterman has made available the first part of this novel (doc). Gonterman has made available the first part of his new furry PI comic series (pdf). If you don't know Gonterman, you are fortunate: this is Gonterman.
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Gaze on the only known picture of Gonterman. Be careful, the main Gonterman page on there is NSFW!
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How bizarre that David Gonterman should look almost identical to the spoof Michael Jackson on C4's Bo Selecta. He's a strange, fascinating character - but am I the only one who feels guilty treating a real guy's life (and the suffering contained therein) as kooky occasional entertainment?
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Well it's really about being amused by the work (that he wants people to be amused by), and since the work is largely about can't be helped. Funny really that he's become more successful than he could ever have hoped to be from being rubbish. God bless the internet.
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(Actually, last mentioned here, uh, yesterday.)
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yeah, thats how I found out about the fruitcake. he hasn't had a post is what I mean really.
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Knowing nothing about Gonterman or his history or any prior work to give it context, I have to say that the furry pdf is mindbogglingly bad.
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Look at the last link, it's a good intro to the legend of Gonterman (to to the comics page and read Nitro).
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I agree, cortex. No links to anything will change that.
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cortex & dozo: I also feel that the "art" is bad, at an 8th grade level, if that, but I wasn't going to say anything because I fear the wrath of insulted furries.
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I am familiar with Mr. Gonterman. He has been terrorizing humanity for nearly a decade, and never during this time has his art improved in even the slightest bit. There is something seriously wrong with that.
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That PDF is incredible.
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And never forget, the man is 37 years old.
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As a teen, I built model kits and set them on fire in the driveway.

As a young man, I played guitar in a punk band that broke up before its first gig.

As a 39 year old, I'm weighing the pros and cons of enrolling in a parallegal certification course, to offset my work skills.

(And yeah, out of boredom, I threw down forty bucks on Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, to see what the hype was about.)

When I encounter these other adults, who gained noteriety as fanfic writers, anime cosplayers, and furry pr0n fetishists, I can't help but wonder what kinda beer they've been drinking.
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I can't help but wonder what kinda beer they've been drinking.

I think half of the problem is that they haven't been.
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Missing a furrie tag..
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The thing about people pointing at Gonterman and shouting "lookit the freak" is that, really, there are thousands of people just like this, or worse even, on the internet. This is just the one that people noticed.

Thus, I say you are allowed to laugh at him one time only, and after that you must move on.
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That PDF is incredible.

so is it scarlet or jim? ... or toni? ... who's TONI? ... where the fuck did SHE come from?

i haven't been this confused since the day my daughter glued a bunch of andy capp strips into my prince valiant collection
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Well I'm glad he exists. Who else is going to write and draw a comic book about a log cabin republican private eye who's assisted by a talking fursuit? Not me, that's for sure. Alan Moore maybe.
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If this guy is so bad I'm lucky to not have heard of him, why is he subject of an FPP?

I admit, I recognize the art. I had a friend who turned into one of these furry creatures. I visited the muck a few times, and was quite impressed at the creativity of such a text-based mutual fantasy.

But I found furry this-and-that seemed to take people's lives over. It seems a silly thing to be obsessed about.
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