swimming for peace and friendship
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Martin Strel is at it again. Back in '02 he swam the Mississippi River, then went on in '04 to make a world record swim of 930 miles in the Yangtze river. Now he plans to swim the 3,375 mile Amazon "for peace and friendship", starting February 1st.
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Watch out for the candiru fish.
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Umm... I've lived on the Amazon. This is not a good idea. There are about 1000 different ways to die.

I once swam across a tributary of the Amazon, the Rio Napo. When I made it back to the other side, the natives chastised me rather severely. I took it to heart and never got in above my waist again.
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This is begging to become a Werner Herzog film. I'm pretty sure that this Slovenian guy is pushing his luck, and just as obsessive as Timothy Treadwell. (Though quite a bit less than Kinsky.)

I'd pay good money to hear Herzog's inimitable voiceover "Strell was bitten many times by viscious pirhana fish, but luckily none of the bites yielded significant wounds".
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Cool post though. You were great with the Cult Jam.
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Aren't there piranhas in in the Amazon?
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Piranhas, crocodiles, snakes, that nasty fish that swims up your dick...

You go first, Indy.
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oh vronsky, you didn't
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Yeah, I was gonna make a piranha joke, except that they're usually only in the stagnant swampy areas, not in the river, as I recall.
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Actually on second thought, maybe he's gonna be a guinea pig for finding some new dangerous fish. If you think the peehole fish is bad, maybe we'll be hearing more.
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"oh vronsky, you didn't" - oh yes I did, but I was lost in emotion.

Hit the beat now.
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I swam in the Amazon. The most dangerous thing I saw close up was a huge log of poo floating by. Supposedly the pink dolphins can attack.
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Metafilter: Supposedly the pink dolphins can attack.
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Actually, there is a Metafilter user who lost half his ass to a cayman in the Amazon, I kid you not. I've seen the scar. For that reason among others, I think I'll stick with the Alcatraz to Crissy Field swim myself.
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More info here:

The fun paragraph (minus the pink dolphins) is:
"My escort boats will carry all the time buckets of fresh blood to pour in the water in case the piranhas or other fish attack me," Strel said with a thick Slovenian accent.
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Cartman on South Park, I think, summed it up best: The jungle sucks.

Pesky biodiversity.
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Yeah, everyone is talking about the piranhas, caimans and snakes, but I'm going to laugh when this guy is done in by a boto (yeah, the pink dolphin), sure they look all nice and friendly, but that's just a cover. They are waiting. Plotting. I mean, this is an animal that has successfully survived in these dangerous waters for how long?

And now this guy is going to risk their wrath by antagonizing them in their own house? He's going to be the doom of us all. When they rise up and take over our streets, don't forget that I was here, warning you from the very beginning.
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Hit the beat now.
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Is that the Vronski Beat?
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I once spent 9 days at Manu. After a day of hiking it's an easy choice to swim in the river and risk the piranhas rather than remain covered with sweat. The fish don't eat much, unless you run into the genetically engineered ones.
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Uh, I swam with the pink dolphins in the amazon.

In Novo Airão, there was a girl who
went fishing one day. A pink dolphin took her fish. The next day she returned and gave the dolphin more fish. Now, several years later, she calls them by name and they appear. Her father, weary of the folklore about dolphins and fertility in the amazon, swears if she turns up pregnant one day he will kill the dolphins.

As for swimming the amazon river, what really bothers me is the whole "doing it for peace" part while spending a million dollars to make this happen. I am certain these funds could be better applied for peace.

Reeks of self-promo, and Mike Horn has gone
down the amazon UNSUPPORTED, (but did not swim, he used a hydrospeed). I think this
is a lot tougher.
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This is fascinating - swimming 10-11 hours a day - while trying to avoid toothpick fish and piranas and God knows what else - and it's live on the internet too! Surreality TV.
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Good luck to the crazy man.
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Good luck to the pirhanas.
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So, do we get to start placing bets on how far he gets before he becomes a meal for crocodile/piranha/cayman/any other of the numerous Amazon River dwellers that wanna eat anything that moves?

I call 20 miles, BTW.
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I think if anyone can make it, he can. However, swimming against the pororoca is simply impossible and that part of the story is very misleading.
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you're a sick sick individual vronsky. and that's why you make me laugh.
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If he was truly gutsy, he'd swim the Ganges.
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(Late to the party) If he was truly gutsy, he'd swim the Styx. Badum-cha.
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