XDR-TB in South Africa: A New Pandemic?
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According to an article in The Guardian about this new scientific report on XDR-TB, a new kind of multiple-drug-resistant tuberculosis, in PLOS Medicine, "More than 300 cases of the highly infectious disease, which is spread by airborne droplets and kills 98% of those infected within about two weeks, have been identified in South Africa."
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I know. I'm already wallowing in luxurious (ex-)Lutheran guilt.
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Now that my faux pas has been so quickly edited out (thanks to the admins!) the above comment makes absolutely no sense. Please ignore.
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(for those who got here late: the original had read more | digg story links at the bottom :) )
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(*hangs head in shame*)

I used my original digg post as the text for the MF post. Recently, out of curiousity, I've been comparing what happens to identical stories posted at the same time at both MetaFilter and Digg. In all cases so far, the dugg story sinks like a rock amidst the fire-hose flow of incoming stories from hundreds of posters.

Anyways *ahem* back to TB...
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So does my BCG vaccination cover this or not?
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Quiplash, you must be one of those Missouri Synod (ex-) Lutherans. the ELCAs I know are all about self-effacement; actual guilt would be too self-aggrandizing.

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Derails aside, I noted that Tugela Ferry has a high incidence of HIV/AIDS, and apparently the link here is that the AIDS patients are taking up a lot of hospital beds that are also needed for TB patients. I'd been worrying a lot already about HIV/AIDS as a cofactor for other endemic diseases like malaria. This isn't as tightly coupled, but it certainly isn't helping.
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Pax Digita: Got it in one :-/
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GWB, meet a real terrorist-- XDR-TB.
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Incubation period is too short to pose a pandemic risk.
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Is this the same thing that killed the guy from The Gods Must Be Crazy?
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Granted, that's "kills 98% of those infected" in Tugela Ferry and similar high-HIV areas. People and populations with stronger immune systems have a better chance. But even so that kind of mortality statistic plus extreme antibiotic resistance makes this compelling and chilling news.

[this is very bad]
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Oh man, it's the disease that formed the drug-testing plotline for The Constant Gardener. Where are Rachel Weisz and Ralph Fiennes to save us now? Who will be our martyrs to big pharma?

(Eeeeep. Nice, scary, post.)
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I'm waiting for GWB to declare war on all the bio-terrorists in Africa... one of his advisors will recommend that they nuke the whole continent in order to prevent the spread of this, ebola, AIDS, malaria, etc.
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