electronic literature
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Hasn't this already been posted here?

I guess not. It's definitely made the rounds on various poetry blogs.

Anyway, there's some very cool stuff here.
posted by roll truck roll at 1:11 PM on January 24, 2007

Consarn it, I just uninstalled my z-machine emulator.

I was hoping for an exceptional collection of plaintexts to fuel my insatiable urge for portable etexts, but this is damn neat, too.

*ponders if he can get a z-machine running on a old palm3*
posted by loquacious at 1:17 PM on January 24, 2007

Me too, tone-loq. This is definitely neat, but I was pretty joyous about a good hive of plaintexts. 'Literature'... too literal?
posted by cavalier at 2:05 PM on January 24, 2007

hey loquacious: pssst!
posted by Cat Pie Hurts at 3:12 PM on January 24, 2007



Care for a little drinky? Something cold from Saudi Arabia?
posted by Wolof at 3:51 AM on January 25, 2007

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