The New Transformers Are Coming!
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The New Transformers Are Coming!
posted by honkzilla (10 comments total)
and his evil force of energy hungry PREDACONS.

Hee hee. Energy consumption is now a sign of evil.
posted by fleener at 4:40 PM on February 12, 2001

What the hell is a Predacon? Is it related to a Decepticon?
posted by norm at 6:02 PM on February 12, 2001

If I remember correctly the predacons were deceptacons that transformed into animals. and combined into one big robot.
I'm sure one of them was a rhinocerous as well.
posted by davidgentle at 6:14 PM on February 12, 2001

I just hope they make another movie. Too bad Orson Welles is dead and can't redo his role as Unicron.
posted by captaincursor at 6:23 PM on February 12, 2001

Think it leads off from the Beast Wars / Beast Machines story, which are pretty good if you give them the time and learn where they're coming from with the story. (I don't have much idea, I have a friend who does though, and he layed it on me like bricks).

In BeastWars etc., Predacons are the decendants of the Decepticons. Which is a question why the press release mentions Autobots instead of Maximals. I'm sure TF fans will clue us in.
posted by aki at 6:32 PM on February 12, 2001

Dude, this is too weird. Just yesterday, I wanted to find a clean recording of the 3rd season's intro song. And whaddya know....

The heavens work in mysterious ways, I tell you.
posted by ookamaka at 8:52 PM on February 12, 2001

Predacons are the decendants of the Decepticons

do they, like, actually reproduce?
posted by jpoulos at 6:28 AM on February 13, 2001

This series is being brought over from Japan, where it was originally called "Transformers: Car Robots". This being the case, all the toys are already made, the series is in the can, etc. This series is not CG, and takes place in the present (if you could call it that), so I doubt it will have any correlation to the current Transformers shows. Check here for a brief outline of the plot and such. I'm pretty psyched - the show may get back to the roots while the character designs are pretty sweet making for some awesome toys...

...did I just say that? oh boy.
posted by J. R. Hughto at 7:18 AM on February 13, 2001

Wow, Transformer porn. I think I'm severly scarred now. Thanks CrayDrygu!

posted by cCranium at 8:41 AM on February 13, 2001

Or maybe they'll attempt to rewrite it so that it fits in with Transformers continuity?
posted by davidgentle at 1:45 PM on February 13, 2001

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