laughter is the best medicine
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The Laughing Club. A practicing doctor at a Bombay hospital, Dr. Kataria, formed the first laughing club in 1994. What started off as a group of 5 people, barely able to break into a chortle, gradually spread the world over. Today, there are 5,000 laughing clubs around the world.
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I just watched this video of a man laughing on stage* and I laughed and laughed. Did me good. I was thinking of making an fpp of it, but I'd rather post it here. Seems appropriate.

Laughing clubs seem an excellent idea to me. Of course, I'd rather get around for tea or coffee with some funny friends and laugh, but I understand the attraction.
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Oh, yeah, footnote. Ahem...

*The actual comedy routine that gets the guy laughing is terrible, but it's no matter, the video itself is hilarious.
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I think the comedian in the overalls was hitting the poor guy with a Laughing Club. (But then, I've considered those foam rubber bats to be a great comedy prop... and I discovered them when they were being promoted as therapy tools for 'fighting without violence'. Not the greatest idea.)
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Tomorrow is Laugh Like a Pirate Day.

Make sure you say Harrrrrrr....
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Laughing clubs? Scary.
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wendall, you are funny! The laughing cudgel, nyuck nyuck. And Kattullus , that goofy laugh video also had me in stitches.
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I would never join a laughing club that would have me as a member.
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I didn't know we had dibs on the "Laughter Club".

I see them, or rather, hear them when I go for my morning walks; they sound like a fun group of people.
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Is it really a laughing club, or just a support group for really terrible comedians?
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This woman has a zillion videos of her own laughter on her blog... teaching people how to laugh about leaves and stuff. This is her "dreary Monday" laugh. And according to her, this is how German people laugh.

Funny enough, she doesn't make me laugh at all, really... I'm scared she's going to eat me. Maybe I need a some help with that. Probably not, tho.
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It's insane. I was in Bombay and saw people laughing on the beach, in a maelstrom of poverty, and it was just nuts.
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There's a laughing club/meditation group that meets near where I live once or twice a week. I've been to the group a handful of times, and would be there more if having a toddler didn't take up so much of the early evening hours ("no, seriously, it's really time to go to bed"). We do some warm-up jokes, a half-hour of laughter, and then 15-20 minutes of sitting meditation (zazen). The experience is fantastic, and far preferable to most other things I've gone out and done for entertainment (pubs, movies, whatever). If you have the chance to try one in your area, try it. Seriously.
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Reminds me of the film Villa Paranoia.
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