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Letchik Leha photography. Letchik Leha is a russian photographer and pilot ("letchik" means "the pilot" in russian, apparently). Two tastes that go great together.
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For those wondering, the second link is definitely the most rewarding one.
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unedited snapshots?
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These are beautiful, thanks; I could look at aerial photos all day. And the photos of the frozen wave at Dark Roasted Blend are great, too.

(I can't believe folks are snarking at this; what fucking assholes.)
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(for posterity, some snark was just deleted)
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Holy cow, I love these. I was particularly taken by the giant frozen wave, too.
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I've always wondered what those clumpy spaced clouds would look like from the top.
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In case anyone's curious, "letchik" is pronounced LYOT-chik (the first syllable being like the word lot as pronounced by a Brit, i.e. with a sound closer to aw than ah, but with the l strongly palatalized, as if immediately followed by a y, sort of l-yot). The yo sound is written e in Russian for tedious historical reasons.
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Thanks for finding and linking to the guy's livejournal – it annoys me too no end when links to sites like (where they just scrape Russian forums/LJs and run them through babelfish, then slap google ads all over it) are posted all over the web with no clue as to their origin.
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furtive, I'll disagree and venture that the last link contains the best photos.

(Would that Kansas had sights like this.)

Thanks, soundofsuburbia!
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soundofsuburbia , Wonderful post! Love flying and images of clouds. I enjoy the way Letchik Leha (thanks for the pronounciation tip languagehat) manages to depict the immensity of the sky from the plane and that coldly sensual chaos of clouds seen from a high altitude, which makes me want to swim in them somehow or wish I could fly without a plane or any paraphernalia, just fly in and out of those glories. ahhh.

The man who did some of the frozen wave images is Dionys Moser. His photographs of iceberg and ice cave visuals are also astonishing.

That ThrillingBlogSpot is always packed with visual goodies of all kinds and textures. But, yeah, blasdelf is right about englishrussia and other sites that collect gems from the web not giving credit where credit is due.
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mediareport, frozen waves are fantastic!
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This one is awesome.
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