2007 Independent Games Festival Finalists
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2007 Independent Games Festival Finalists. Most have downloadable demo and full versions (on the PC, anyway). Share and enjoy.
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When is Everyday Shooter going to finally come out?? He's really keeping the world waiting.

In other game-related news, Shoot the Core is back up! And it's good!
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I completely disagree about B!H. What's great about it is that it's not about levels. There are few things you can buy that really help your game that much. There are a handful of unlockable units, but for the most part they're pretty easy to get at once you're decent. The biggest flaw is that you start out without those unlockable units and have to play against people who have them (and wreck you as a result). I think that turns a lot of people off. This is exacerbated because server populations are low (20-40 concurrent, most times) composed mostly of old-timers who'll kick newbie ass. As a result, newbies end up paired with veterans and get their asses handed to them. This is less true for Big Shots. They're all pretty decent, they just tend to do better or worse at different game types/maps. I only have 2 (Cav/Codger) and I'm never feeling like I wish I had a third (or fourth or fifth...).

You do need to bringing 2-3 cards to every game to be competetive with top 10 players, but they're not prohibitively expensive. Winning a game nets you 70-100 scrip, and a pack of 3 cards runs between 70-120. Provided you use less than 3 cards a game (which is almost all of the time), you'll still be making money on a per game basis. And still, outside the top 10 you can usually do fine without spending money on cards.

All that said, I think B!H is a really well done game. They get a lot of things right that multiplayer games have screwed up for years - interesting objectives, time limited games, equal resources, and reasonable pace. Really the only problem is that against high level players, the game turns into a stalemate pretty quickly until someone gets a random bonus to break the impasse. It's also not as good a social space as YPP, but then it was never really intended to be. It's just a great multiplayer game.

Oh, and my one other complaint is Why is it 3D?! It just makes it run crappily on older computers and makes the interface worse. I would have thought Three Rings was immune to the "make it 3d" instinct, but it seems not. B!H could have been a great top down 2D game that still looked really pretty (and had interesting terrain) without having to deal with camera controls, units obscuring other units, having issues with units that look the same from the top down, etc.

Still, everyone should go try it! It's definitely worth a try.
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