Sand art by Ilana Yahav
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Some youtube clips of sand animation by Ilana Yahav [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
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Somewhat similar to a previous post.
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Oh my god, I AM SUCH A GOOD COUNTER! (1,2, 3, 5, 6 wtf?)
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Fuck 4, supercrayon. Punk owes me $5.
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I only watched the first one. For awhile, I thought he was making one single scene. I kept thinking things like, "oh, the person by the tree is playing for the swan," and "oh no, giant eagle attack!"
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I have no idea why I clicked on this, but it is for some reason incredibly soothing. The content is weird and not that interesting, but something about watching skilled people create things with weird new age music was the Right Thing For Me this evening.
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Neat post, thanks, supercrayon. The illustration skill is obvious and very impressive; it's very cool to watch as the pictures develop. But the content could use a bit more story for my taste, and seems overall far too safe to be what I'd call great art, whatever that means. There's just some *oomph* missing for me without many ideas present in the mix, you know? Still, I like this artform a lot; it's really beautiful.
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She recently did three TV ads — each in a single take — for Qwest: it's like watching Bob Ross with silica instead of oils.
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