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Ghosts of the London Underground - a documentary. More here.
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I'm biased against Channel 5 paranormal documentaries for about a zillion good reasons, but this is good.
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Thank you. I have a particular interest in London ghosts, so this is right up my street.
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I saw it when it was broadcast and 75% is, as the English say, rubbish. The 'ghostly' electric chair that appears in somebody's in-carriage photo? So obviously a poster on the tube wall, for Madame Toussards or something, it's just hilarious.Similarly all those people talking about weird wind noises in the tunnels.
But yeah, the mysterious woman on the platform, the phantom work crew with gas lamps... that was pretty freaky.
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thank you to the admins.
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See also.
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firstly theirs a ghost station and a ghost, secondly, theirs people missing
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