A survey of British taxidermic polar bears 2001-04
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A survey of British taxidermic polar bears 2001-04.
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Thanks, this is a neat find. Some are so forlorn. Wish there was more history on the provenance page - excerpts from original sources, maybe - but still a cool little site.
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Aw, that one on Spike Island is so sad.
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The displacement of the bears from their space within each collection to a temporary grouping, stripped of interpretation; the photographic framing of the context in which they now exist and their multiple return in this form to a museum context, all underpin and attest to the artists' new exploration, their new hunt, which in some small way mirrors the original act; an act we would commonly now regard as destructive and entirely transgressive.

The final transgressive step would be to set fire to the walls on which these pieces hang, watch them disappear into oblivion from the heat, and then deny man had anything to do with it.

The Polar Bear is a living Dodo.
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The book version is really, really wonderful. I have it.
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Speaking of books, this thread and the ice art thread make me want to recommend Yuri Rytkheu's A Dream In Polar Fog. Though it isn't quite related to either post, it seems to me that some of the folks who've posted here and there might enjoy it.
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Those bears sure know how to have a good time.
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Very interesting find, johnny novak, thanks. This collection of photos from his lullabies project are also worth noting - quite beautiful.
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So, yesterday I dreamed there was a polar bear outside the house. Then I was outside the house, racing the polar bear to the front door. The last thing I remember before waking up is that the polar bear won and was swinging its huge paw at me.

Thanks a lot. :)
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