In Soviet Russia, sponge soaks you
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Dr. Jeannine Mosely finishes building a level-3 Menger sponge from business cards. You can also build your own, though Dr. Mosely warns, "[a] level 4 sponge would require almost a million cards and weigh over a ton. I do not believe it could support its own weight — so a level 3 is the biggest sponge we can hope to build." (related)
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A worthy sponge, indeed.
posted by Mister_A at 12:40 PM on February 2, 2007

Great link! Thanks!
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When I used to work in a tech-support call center, I'd keep my hands busy with post-it note origami. Did a level 2 sponge once, that was plenty time-consuming enough. I can't imagine the determination necessary to spend nine years building a level 3. Impressive!
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Hey, my roommate used to work with this woman. Cool! He'll be gratified to know that she's still doing her business card thing.
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now all she needs is an elephant and a large bathtub
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Okay, how many people just made a cube out of six of their business cards? I did!
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The Institute for Figurin' rocks!
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So awesome. Still and always one of my favorite conceptual structures. I look forward to the advent of a nano-machined depth 10 Menger paperweights.
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We need to get her together with my buddy, Brian Berg, world champion card stacker.
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The IFF does rock; I'd had no idea that such a thing existed.

For those of us who don't have piles of business cards but wanted to build a conceptual model anyway, the bottom of this link has a pdf to build a hyperbolic soccerball: Crocheting the Hyperbolic Plane.

"Warning: the finished product will not be ball-shaped."

Part of the IFF's ongoing relationship with the ever-excellent Cabinet.
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Every job I've had has given me business cards and I've never known what I was supposed to do with them. Now I know.
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Fun! What a nice Friday diversion...
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Nifty. I guess to compete I'll have to finish my fully-functional origami Lament Configuration.

It would be easier, except I have to fit so much empty space in there. So much...
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This is EXACTLY why I still come here after 5 years.

F*ck the geeky photos of Bill Gates.
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So. How 'bout dem scientists, eh.
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There's a project that hopes to produce a level 4 sponge.
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Are you deaf man? It can't be done! It just can't be done! *starts sobbing*
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