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The Let's Play archive. Ever wanted to play a particular video game, but never got around to it? Let's Play features extensive walkthroughs of classic games like Silent Hill and Flashback complete with screenshots, videos, and commentary. Other games such as Darkseed and The Immortal are coming soon.
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The two games you list are 1/2 of the total.
posted by mrnutty at 2:46 PM on February 2, 2007

There's no indication on the site itself that those Darksee and The Immortal walkthroughs are coming. You have this information from...an SA buddy?
posted by cortex at 2:47 PM on February 2, 2007

My bad. The original SA thread

And there' s 6 games currently.
posted by clockworkjoe at 3:04 PM on February 2, 2007

This is a cool idea. It would be even cooler without the lame comentary, which makes it feel like I'm watching an Uwe Boll movie.

I wouldn't mind watching a video w/audio walkthrough of Grim Fandango.
posted by straight at 4:05 PM on February 2, 2007

I have previously learned about games I've not played by watching speed-runs. This is a much better idea. And while it may not be a valuable resource yet, I hope that given a month or so it'll become one.
posted by Hogshead at 4:08 PM on February 2, 2007

Hopefully, they'll put up the walkthrough of Snatcher soon. It's a classic from Hideo Kojima that few people know about.
posted by clockworkjoe at 10:45 PM on February 2, 2007

As a life long fan of Final Fantasy (well, from 7 onwards, and stopping at 8) I feel qualified to say this: It's funny because it's true.
posted by oxford blue at 5:03 AM on February 3, 2007

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