Mexican wrestlers
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Striking photographs of the masked wrestlers of Mexico, Lucha Loco by Malcolm Venville. [via the amazing everlasting blort] [more inside]
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Short bios of the freaks of fury.
A little about masked wrestlers, Wikipedia and Mexican wrestling films.
Luchadores music.
Where can we find a baby mexican wrestling mask?
Wonderful vintage lucha libre posters.
Previously and previously on MetaFilter. The Blue Demon and Tinieblas, Alushe y Tinieblas Jr. by Lourdes Grobet. Stats about the Ewok wannabe, Alushe.
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I had a dream last night that I traveled back to New Orleans, and, while the town remain pretty devastated, there was an enormous store open in the Irish Channel that sold only Lucha Libre stuff, including masks and capes. It was the greatest store I had ever been to. I was sorely disappointed when I woke up.
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Except four minutes into your Irish Channel dream you were carjacked, beaten, and left to the night on the steps of Parasol's.
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Ah. I was going to mention the book of photographs by Lourdes Grobet which I own. It also delves into the home life of many of these men and women. A supremely fascinating subculture.
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Also its not just masks. For example, in that photo of Tinieblas you link, Grobet spends several pages describing the mythology they have built around themselves. Here's an excerpt:

He is the prototype of the Mexican science fiction superhero: a survivor of a superior pre-Hispanic race that cultivated physical, mental and intellectual powers; a civilization bonded by the magical energy emanating from the universe. His name is Tinieblas ... a direct descendant of beings from another world, who, mistaken for gods, arrived with our forefathers. One of their vessels that reached the Earth, a pyramid-shaped spacecraft, was covered by boulders somewhere in the southeastern jungle...

And so on...
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Heh. If you want a giggle, picture in your head somebody actually sitting down at a computer and writing this.

Actually, take that mental image and keep it handy for reading just about any MetaFilter comment...
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Oh this is just precious.
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El Serpento is the whitest Mexican I have ever seen.
And I'm a partly hispanic girl who glows in the dark at night...
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How do you type with boxing gloves on?
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How to type with boxing gloves on.
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Don't forget to check out the Lucha Wiki.
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Love the photos, hate the interface.
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Thanks all for the great additional links and information. taosbat, that flash animation is hilarious and jtron, Lucha Wiki is excellent.
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Thank you ;) via
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