Stand by for crime!
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Stand By For Crime! presents the astonishing adventures of Chuck Morgan, intrepid radio muckracker and crimefighter, as he battles The Communist Menace, investigates The Wetback Murders, and solves The Marijuana Mystery. Circa 1953; twenty-six half-hour episodes in mp3 format, each approximately 9 MB.
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Wonderful post, stammer! Thanks!
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Thanks -- I listened to the Communist Menace while doing menial work at my desk... certainly takes one back to the era of McCarthyism.
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See also the enormous and thirty-nine episodes (1952-1953) of I was a Communist for the FBI. But I prefer Jack Benny.

Incidentally, from the 1930's on, the FBI, through their surveillance activities, was the largest financial supporter of the american communist party. It was easy for the reds to tell who the spies were--they were the only ones who always paid the party dues.
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...this I like! I won't have to re-read my Raymond Chandler books again for a couple of years. And I still hear that organ style on some of the fundie radio plays I run across to this day.
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As improbable as it seems, I was just listening to this on the radio, on a show called Paper Cuts on 90.9 WCNI in New London, CT. (Not a shill). Something about a Mayoral candidate with a scar on the back of his hand and Communism in his heart.
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Reminds me of Firesign Theatre's Nick Danger Third Eye!
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