Makes me wish I had time and money for another hobby
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Bricklink: Random images of Lego creations Go to Brickshelf and hit the Random link. You never know what you might find: A Lego Steven Colbert, brandishing a lightsaber; a nifty AFV; a cool-looking Lego wargame from Hong Kong (alas, the rules aren't public); some great character designs; a nifty little satirical comic about saving the future by defeating the Rethuglicans in the past; some things that are just very cute; some that are kinda disturbing; nifty creatures; and of course some really interesting and cool-looking, beautifully-detailed starships (and some pretty nifty water-going ships, too). Really makes you want some bricks, doesn't it? (Previously.)
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Stuff made of Legos?

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(oh, great find, btw)
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"rethuglican"? I guess the childish name-calling goes with the theme.

OT, I'm a lot closer (than I want to admit to myself) to dropping ~$2000 on a dream set of legos.

(Growing up I was deprived and had to survive on Brix-Blox)

I've also been essaying out a lego-ish simulation idea I've had for a while. . . Good stuff.

I'm sorta waiting for the MindStorm stuff to be better integrated with the plastics, though the car-factory thing here last month was plastic I guess ?
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I was at a friend's house for a party last night and I saw a Lego set box in the corner, which I thought was kind of odd. I went over to look at it and it turned out to be a chess set. Apparently it's sold over their site and in Europe but hasn't hit the States yet. But it just blew my mind that it looked so similar to something I always played around with making on my own as a kid, and how god-damned obvious something like that would be for them to make, and yet it took them over 20 years to think of actually making one.
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was just looking at this yesterday.
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I feel sorry for the guy whose job it was to make the Lego air conditioner.
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If you like lego and you like webcomics, may I suggest Irregular Webcomic.
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Nice post, I've always loved legos.
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The nifty creature is an ohmu is a giant woodlouse from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

My favorite lego creation is Saul Griffith's lego-based chocolate and wax-depositing 3D printer. Mind you, I'm a bit obsessive.
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Gah. Typo.
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They've been selling LEGO Chess Computer Games for years. Plural. Here's One, and I seem to remember a "Lego Star Wars Chess" computer game — total ridiculousness.
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More Lego Spaceships/Mecha
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I can't wait for my daughter to be old enough to play with Legos - she's still young enough to need the Duplos - so that we can while away the hours building fantastic creations. This post just makes the jones all the more powerful.
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Sebastienbailard, I knew what an Ohmu is (big fan of both the manga and the anime), but I suppose I could've pointed that out to everyone else... Same thing with Irregular Webcomic.
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jiawen, I still need to see/read them myself.

I managed to dig up Nausicaä with her glider, and here's a Tachikoma.
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Dude, I wonder how they get so much of the same color for some of those ships! Massive Lego collections, or can you special order bulk pieces?

I've seen similar websites, but was more interested in making my own stuff without outside influence during my adolescent years. Now, shorn of all Legos as a newly hatched adult, I shall content myself with browsing. Thanks!
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jiawen, I still need to see/read them myself.

You really should. The anime is good but not spectacular; the manga is definitely one of my favorite pieces of fiction ever, a true epic with amazing depth, worldbuilding and power.

can you special order bulk pieces?

Oh my gosh yes.
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It's been on my to-read list since forever.

Soren, the flickrer mentioned earlier who does the amazing lego minis, is actually using Alpha, the protagonist from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō, as an avatar icon. YKK is great, it's your typical lesbian android coming-of-age story, but set in post-apocalyptic Japan.

Manga Scans and Translation, along with forum: here.

There's five episodes of anime as well, for which there are torrents up.

It's a favorite of mine.
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I think Legos were pretty much all I played with as a kid. Well, occasionally other children, too. But mostly Legos.

This is a good post. Thanks.
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My son joined a team this last year, and they placed sixth in state. Get your kids into LEGO League.
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Bricklink isn't so much for bulk pieces as it is for buying particular pieces in particular colors. You can tell the hardcore modelers from the amateurs by whether they use all the proper colors.

OTOH, Lego does sell in bulk directly. It's quite pricey: $0.10/block or so.
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My favorite (only one I've seen, so far) video done entirely with Legos.
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