small poems in small booklets
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POEMS-FOR-ALL "Small poems in small booklets half the size of a business card. A project of the 24th street irregular press, which cranks them out to be taken by the handful and scattered like seeds by those who want to see poetry grow in a barren cultural landscape." (via Ward 6)
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Not terribly impressed by the samples on offer, but I like the idea and the cover art is great.
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Well-intentioned litter.
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I also quite like the idea. Neat-O!
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So here I was preparing to be unimpressed by the samples, and I was pleasantly surprised to see my hero Kenneth Patchen looking back at me.

I love the design of these a lot. I think a lot of tiny presses are plagued either by completely incompetent design or by the desire to look like McSweeney's. This is neither.
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Neat idea, but I don't like the thought of "scattering them like seeds" unless the "scattering" means they'll land on a table or something. Otherwise, it's just turning good poems into trash because nobody's going to pick them up and read them.

I mean, the 3-second Rule would be *way* expired by then, anyway.
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10 seconds!
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Hey, Ward Six is a pretty interesting lit blog. Thanks for that one. More [via], please!
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Ah, sonofabitch! I'd been meaning to post this for some months months -- Richard is a former coworker of mine. The books themselves are interesting little works of art and well worth sending him a SASE for some copies. Its a wonderful medium for spreading a single, short poem. If it cheers you up, know that they are teensy books created by a mountain of a man (that's Richard on the right with Trekkies 2 star Captain Jerk).

Despite his artist's statement and creative vision of poems spread virally amongst strangers, I've yet to see any in the wild.
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(or even this mountain) effing html
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I got one of these books years ago and had long forgotten about it, but the one I got was from the publisher and I talked to him for a while about the project. He told me how to scam a color copier and just seemed like a really fantastic guy genuinely interested in making poetry accessable.

Thanks for the link.
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I'm fascinated by small ANYTHING--
itsy-bitsy picture-books that were Cracker-Jack prizes,
"travel-size" blow-dryers,
MINI cars,
iPod Nanos,
Rhode Island.
Is there a term for this?
Should I move to Japan?
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Way to save the world. I'm sure this will do a whole lot of people a lot of good.
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Right. Cuz poetry never did anyone a lick of good, ever.

Yeesh. Yet another one from the "I'm too cool for your posts" brigade. They're not trying to save the world, jerk; they're trying to sprinkle their bit of it with small, easily carried volumes of poetry. And succeeding nicely, looks like.
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The furtive distribution thing's a little evangelical, but overall, cool idea, blessedly attractive design. Anyone else thinking of submitting a poem to this? Sukiari, with your permission I'd like to incorporate your comment into a poem and send it in.
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sleevener, I tried to submit one from my online project but the form didn't work. It opened my email and pasted only a portion of my letter in. Weird.
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This kind of thing is great; it's a nice idea and, really, utterly harmless. Finding one of these would drop a little serendipity into my day. I'm going to send off for some - my city would be a good place to leave a few here and there.
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Yes, Dizzy.
Whatever you call that obsession, it's in the water, here.
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mediareport, Ward Six is very cool and is coauthored by a youngish novelist I like very much, J. Robert Lennon. Everybody I've given The Funnies to read has liked it.
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My Grandfather called it The Scalping Knife...

I could Never under-
stand why he was always combing

Its long and Many Colored hair

Is what killed my appreciation for most poetry. Note, it has all the earmarks of a great poem. Strange capitalization and punctuation, odd line breaks, and nonsense imagery.

Some of the poems in the example section on the site remind me of this.
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