Prime Time.
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Prime Time. A prime is a whole number divisible only by itself and 1. In Aesthetics of the prime sequence one can hear primes, view primes (here also) and test for primes. Quite interesting and not just for math geeks...
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nice linkin', Lincoln.

When I taught myself to program millions of years ago, back when dinosaurs walked the earth, it was by writing various little programs to calculate primes, perfects, etc.
posted by pracowity at 8:33 AM on February 14, 2001

I just think it's really neat that the largest known prime, saved as an ASCII-encoded text file, would take up half of my hard drive. Although I didn't learn to program millions of years ago, I'm learning Assembly now, and it sure feels like the cretaceous!

I only bring this up because, in addition to finding and testing primes, another fun low-level language thing to do is try to find pi with an arbitrary degree of accuracy. Now I think it would be kinda fun to see how many digits one could generate using JavaScript and a nice, unstable browser. It must be possible to do better than this.
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