Deus Ex Machina, an experimental online comic
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"Deus is an experimental, serialized online comic about myth, consciousness, death, and tomfoolery. Following a set of quasi-mythical gods and a poor fool named Cam, the styles and themes of Deus are constantly evolving." From the utterly talented Gareth Hinds, whose fully painted interpretation of Beowulf is about to be issued in hardcover by Candlewick Press.
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That's ome nice art. The pages I skimmed of Deus remind me of Ted McKeever's Metropol and other early works. I think I just found out what I'm going to be reading after work. Thanks for the post, jbickers.
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Why does every thread on Metafilter have to revolve around Deus?

(Actually, thanks for the post, jbickers, especially the Beowulf link. It's really geat).
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Spiff. I love Hinds' style. Reminiscent of the venerable Moonshadow by Jon J. Muth, yet really a style of his own. Thanks jbickers, nice find.
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Sweet, thanks!
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