June Porter Speaks
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Interview with Lee Harvey Oswald's daughter, June. (not recent, but fascinating)
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Not much is known about Oswald's two daughters so I found it interesting to read stuff like "During college, Rachel supported herself at the Texas Chili Parlor in Austin. It's right across from the Capitol, and she was a waitress. Well, there's a travel guide she found out about that actually listed the Texas Chilli Parlor and said the daughter of Lee Harvey Oswald worked there."
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BTW, the link is to a forum but reprints a NYT Magazine article.
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Very interesting stuff. Thanks
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Nice post. It's interesting to read about a different angle on this story.
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Man that was good.

You remember what you were doing that day. It's a cliché now. But I do.

I remember what I was doing the day Kennedy was shot.

I literally shit my pants. At least twice. And I cried almost all day.

But that could have been the result of the hot barrel of the Italian-made rile burning against my tiny thigh as I crawled through the weeds from the Grassy Knoll. Plus with all the 6.5 mm 160 gr. round-nosed fully copper-jacketed military-type bullets stuffed in my diaper I was really chaffing.
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Interesting interview. It sounds as if she was impressed with the Mailer book -- I wonder if she's read Libra. Also, despite its sober tone against the conspiracy-buffs (which I appreciate) I find it odd that not a single person I know who's read Posner's book liked it. Anyone read it?
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Ted Kennedy was shot?
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I read Posner's book and I won't say that I liked it (I think he ignores a lot of salient facts), I will say that it made me think twice about some issues in Oswald's life. The sheer volume of information, rumor, speculation, fact, and fiction that exists on this topic does more to cloud my mind than to clarify it.
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I always liked Ruth Paine (friend of June's mother).
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FWIW, I was a little kid, in kindergarten I think, but I remember my mother sobbing uncontrollably, not because Kennedy was dead (although she probably voted for him, I have photos of my grandfather with Kennedy) but because she thought the Russians were going to kill us all.

Those were different times.
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Only slightly different. Even as a kid in elementary school in the early 70s, I remember being scared shitless the day fighters scrambled over our tiny north-BC schoolhouse. I figured that was the day it was all over.

But it's not like things have really changed. All my life, massive extinction of the human species has been just around the corner. It used to be nukes, now it's global environmental climate change.
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