miistation.com for your mii needs
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If you're lucky enough to own the Nintendo Wii and are of the left brain variety, have a look at MiiStation.com, where you can submit a photo and have an artist create your Mii - you know, Mr. Potato Head for the console generation. This is real people (in Japan!) sittin' in front of the tube (probably LCDs or plasmas, maybe even OLEDs?), lookin' at your photos and wavin' that Wii wand.
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But...everybody who owns a Wii does this already. Don't they?
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Sometimes it's hard to make your own face accurately, and some people are definitely more talented than others.
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Ok, send me your wii code and I'll do your portrait for $5. Heck, I don't even need your picture. I'm that good. I'm a designer!

Seriously, isn't designing a Mii part of the fun? It's like paying somebody to eat pop-tarts for you.
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I spend far too much time waving my Wii wand
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Sometimes I find myself enjoying (probably a little too much) holding A+B and making my girlfriend's Mii dangle in midair.

It's doubly funny, since my Mii just looks up with a bemused expression.
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owenkun, I hope you don't mind that i repurposed your comment a bit. (self link)
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I'll do them for you for $3.50 a pop. First 100 customers get a bonus Mii free! Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

I'm serious.
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