I'm holding out for the Tauren
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Kotaku interviews Dez, the producer of Whores of Warcraft (NSFW)(previously), as well as Mia Rose and Hannah Harper, 2 porn stars recently added to the rolls of addicted World of Warcraft players. Apparently, Dez has at least 2 level 70 characters, and plays in a guild with Hannah's husband, where she's taken her Blood Elf Priest to level 26 already. Talking about Phat Lewt not getting you hot? How about some Bare Maidens? (gee, NSFW, you think?). Dez also has a fascinating MySpace page, mostly for his ...interesting mix of friends.
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the whorecraft.com link is a parked domain (i.e. nothing useful there). i want my Russian whores damnit!
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Doh, I did that from memory. Real link.
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Dez has at least 2 level 70 characters

People who can say such things should be rounded up and taken outside.
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His next geek porn project, he says, will be a a first-person shooter film that is "kind of counter-strikish."

Screenplay for "Fire in the hole"

T: ha ha ur teh ghey
CT: no ur i bet u lik it wen i butfuk u
T: oh ya try it an see
CT: urf urf
T: o ya respawn all over my face
CT: i totally didn't enjoy that
T: me neither but lets do it again next round
CT: gg
T: gg
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My new years resolution was to only buy clothes through the internet. The markup with shipping is ridiculous, but that Whorecraft shirt is now mine! Muhahaha!
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Metafilter: respawn all over my face
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i'm in ur d00ds, killin ur base
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Veryily, methinks the barest part of yon "maidens" doth refer to the widespread necessity for mirkins amongst the ladies on display. Mayhap some sorcerer has bewitched their pubes with a spell of absencia!
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Yea - they puttin' the "bald" in "ribald," for sooth.
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I was looking for a roommate, and Mia Rose was one of the people who responded to my craigslist ad. My brush with stardom in the San Fernando Valley. *swoons*
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As a straight woman, I gotta say, I don't get the naked cooters. Especially on the bare maidens site...they were STARING at me, those things. Unnerving. There are some places a cold wind should never blow.
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I don't think this is what Tolkien had in mind.
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emjaybee writes "As a straight woman, I gotta say, I don't get the naked cooters."

As a straight man I don't get naked wangs. I do, however, get naked cooters. Things work out for the best sometimes.
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If anyone here is worried he might be a dork because he is interested in fantasy porn, or because he likes WoW, fear not: you're less dorky than me. I looked at those pictures, and the thing that caught my eye? The armour. I recognized it. The plate legs on the elf-girl in the first link, and the helm pictured between some of the naked-girl images on the Bare maidens pages are made by Armstreet's Old Ways, a group of russians that sell on ebay. You know, in case you were wondering, or needed to do a little re-creation at home.
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mullingitover and durhey ftw. and this thread rocks.
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I have considered buying WoW but I am thinking this is a bad, bad idea if even porn stars get addicted to it. I mean surely they have more interesting lives than I do what with living in Southern California and being freakin' porn stars. It doesn't SOUND boring anyway.

In winter what do I do? Try my best not to venture outside into the cold any more than possible, follow my cats around talking to them like they are people and read a lot. I have to absolutely force myself to run when it is cold outside. I imagine if I bought this game I would probably forget to eat, much less exercise. And then when I talked to my cats I would be babbling about mages and leveling up and trolls and such and they just wouldn't understand that.
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Your cats dont actually listen to you anyway, but you are probably right to avoid WarCrack.
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I'm not sure I like the gaping naked vagina porn much myself. I mean mystery and erotic go hand in hand, and there isn't any mystery left in most of those shots.
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you know what else goes hand in hand with the erotic? naked vaginas.
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One of the reasons my girlfriend's roommate is a good one is that he's addicted to WoW, so he pays his rent, goes to work, and spends all the rest of the time in his room playing. Win win.
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Marriage and kids is my anti-WoW. Although there are some days when I consider the cure worse than the disease.
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Where do I apply to join their guild?

I'm glad Dez has calmed down a bit, he was kind of a crackhead when I worked with him. Very possesive of his girlfriend at the time.
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