"The crazy notion that design not only was important but could also change the world"
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Clip/Stamp/Fold. The current show at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York City explores an era when architecture was actually interesting. We go from "an elephant attacking the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan to a skyscraper made of Swiss cheese." On the way, we visit astronauts, bunkers, walking cities, and robots fucking – and it's all waiting for you inside these little magazines.
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Umm, it "explores an era when architecture magazine covers where actually interesting."
posted by signal at 2:17 AM on February 8, 2007

I'm with Bldgblog - more fun in architecture back then, when the profession hadn't been completely beaten to a pulp by the exegesis of developers and a "design" addled general population. But I do think the show sadly missed my favorite little magazine, Pamphlet Architecture, by Steven Holl, back when he was cool
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The site sure 'covers' its subject. To the depth of an oil slick. In Newtonian terms, a waste of space and a waste of time.
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My goodness, how vituperative. You must be an architect, hexatron. May I point out that the show is a thing one attends in person?
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Interesting. Magazines in general sure have come a long way.

Don't hold back hexatron, tell us how you really feel
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