322 pages, 1603 label scans, 954 details, 111 sleeves
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Jamaican Label Art. J.L.A. is a website for those people who are obsessed with Caribbean music and the artwork and design of the labels on the vinyl reproductions of that music. It doesn't matter if those labels are on recordings of Jamaican music released in the U.S.A., or indeed Trini Calypso released in the U.K. It's all the same to us!
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Ian of J.L.A. also has a podcast well worth checking out: House Of Reggae.
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Nice. Thanks for the post. Kind of a drag the reproductions are so small, though: it'd be a lot better if you could click on each label and get a full-size image. Oh, well...
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thanks for this post , brought back some memories , Jah Observers Disco 45 indeed , 2nd the full size image wish , theres a t-shirt line in there somewhere ..
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Nicely obsessive.
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There's only one J.L.A. and it's not Jamaican Label Art; it's Justice League of America.
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