Iraq Victims
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For Saddam Hussein, he is an oppressor, but the solution is not to kill every oppressor to smash a whole people, destroy civilizations, and kill children and women and deceit.
Signature: Iraq Victims Team
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Sorry, that made me laugh out loud. I suppose I am that kind of person.
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Fuckin' no img tag - I was referring to this.
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Californian Marla Ruzicka was the head of an NGO whose blend of tenacity and optimism kept her in Iraq long after almost every other humanitarian aid organization had left.

Marla and her Iraqi driver died Saturday when their car was tragically caught between a suicide car bomber and a US military convoy.
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This should end well.
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Is this real?
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I don't get it. Is this MorallySeriousfilter or PointAndLaughfilter?

Oh. "Jewish imperialistic goals." Gotcha.
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Sort of weird. It seems too earnest and sort of disconnected with the way things are discussed in North American. "Iraq Victims Team" makes me think of a team of superheros or the movie "Team America." The pictures are overdone. The reference to "Jewish imperialistic goals" is also way over the top. I feels like it is a bunch of Iraqis doing this in their second language and it all seems appropriate to their other Iraqi friends.

I give it a 10/10 on "earnest-ness" and a 1/10 on cultural appropriateness.

It would be easier to make this into a parody than it would be to try and make someone take it seriously.
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I guess I think a lot about message presentation these days. I know that things are bad over there, I'm not being insensitive, but facts don't seem to matter as much as polish and talking using the right frames. The operators of this site need to get more sophisticated if they want to be non-fringe in the English speaking world.
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