Qix and Sticks, Tempest and Twigs
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Rosmarie Fiore is doing some fascinating and beautiful things with long exposures and 80's arcade games.

In the meanwhile, Patrick Dougherty is doing some fascinating and beautiful things with sticks and twigs. [more inside]
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More of Rosemarie's Work:

Her Oil Paintings, Firework Drawings, and Gunflakes are also definitely worth a look.

Winkleman / Plus Ultra Gallery

The Ada Gallery (warning: tiny quicktime movie, no sound)

(the awesomely-named) Bodybuilder & Sportsman Gallery

A short article about her work at The Cavalier Daily.

Her work has been previously mentioned on Mefi.

More of Patrick's Work:

Some galleries of the process:

At the Franklin Park Conservatory (four links to galleries, scroll down)

At the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens

His distinguished faculty page at SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design)

A currently available exhibit, if you happen to live in or near Michigan.

pointed towards these things via here and here
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I love the video game photographs.
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I wanted to buy the Tempest one - but when I viewed it full-size something felt wrong:

Then it hit me - there are jaggies and stairsteps everywhere. Tempest was a vector game and a large part of its beauty was the smooth glowing lines. She must be using an emulated version on a raster monitor.

Somebody get her a real Tempest machine to work with, quick!
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bitmage: Yeah, I noticed that too. I didn't know the reasons, as you did, but something about it felt off. Maybe we can all chip in and get her a real one? Or have a group field trip to an arcade?
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Her site's broken.
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The Fiore pictures are beautiful, but her ceramics (death scenes of RoadRunner getting killed) are also really neat. They're timelapse and funny as hell.

My last year of grad school there was a Patrick Doughtery castle behind the library, and it was great fun to look at it all summer and walk around and in it. It was the highlight of the summer for me, in a lot of ways.

Thanks, this is a great post.
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Shoot. I forgot to add this interview with Patrick Dougherty to the list of related links.

OmieWise, was this or this the castle you are referring to? I really liked both of these, but was having trouble finding more pictures of them. Glad you liked the post!
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I put up a post about Pat Dougherty a little while back on the blue, but it's always good to see more alien twig scuptures show up here.
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second link has crapped out.
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Johnny Assay, I did a search for the URL, but it didn't show up (maybe because you linked further into his page?). I did another search later, just to be sure, for just the word "stickwork" and then it actually did, but then my browser crashed while I was compiling all of the links, and so I got a little bit disorganized when trying to find everything again. Sorry I forgot to include your link.

Also, I've noticed that Rosemarie's site has been blinking in and out of existence over the course of the day, so hopefully it will hang in there.
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"account has been suspended."
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Here's the second link, coralized.
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That tempest one reminds me something a mandala mixed with a fractal.

And, I agree, a non-emulated shot would look amazing.
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Qix and Gyruss, wonderful. Neat link. I would not at all be surprised to find I still have the patterns for the stages of Gyruss still embedded in my mind... I certainly have the glorious 3-voice SID rendering of the famous Bach Tocatta & Fugue lodged immovably in there.
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This is great - Roe's a good friend of mine from college. I have a print of this one on my wall in my office.

I'm always waiting for her next crazy/beautiful idea, like building a pine tree out of air fresheners or building a mini-Atlantis at the bottom of a pool (QT link).

Here's an excerpt from a profile of her I wrote for our alumni news ("Portrait of a Gearhead"):

In the simplest terms, she says, "I transform popular technology into painting and drawing machines. I collaborate with machines." The process is often complex and aggressive, but always thought provoking and entertaining, with strangely beautiful results.

The recording of motion is a recurring theme. Fiore is fascinated by the hidden patterns inside machines that we see every day, things we rely on for travel and entertainment.

"I'm very interested in violence," she adds. While attending the Roswell Artist-in-Residence program in New Mexico in 2002, she made a series of rubbings of guns from local pawnshops, with each weapon arranged in a repeated rosette. The resulting "gunflakes" are delicate from afar, somewhat shocking up close.

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[this is good]
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Oh, that's pretty cool now that it works.
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