"The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa."
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Singer-songwriter Margo Guryan takes the 16 words from George W. Bush's 2003 State Of The Union address and set them to music. Comes with great video, directed by James Reitano (iFilm, youtube). [more inside]
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It's been pretty amazing for me to stumble onto this video, as she hasn't released any new material as far as I know since Take A Picture in 1968!

The following is written on her MySpace (where you can hear a few of her other songs) about "16 Words":
"Despite misgivings about the accuracy of the 16 words embodied in this song (these words had been previously removed from a Bush speech given in Cincinnati, Ohio in October '02), the words appeared in Bush's State of the Union address '03. The words were among a litany used to gain the support of Congress and the American people for an invasion of Iraq. Fury over Joseph Wilson's July '03 NY Times article debunking the truth of the president's statement resulted in the "outing" of Wilson's wife by high government officials. The ensuing investigation is ongoing."
"16 Words" is on cdbaby, but the CD is not for sale. The YouTube video was uploaded by a davidarosner, who I believe is her husband. I don't know if this all means there will be more new music coming from her - I hope so!

Her page on the Franklin Castle label, with more clips of her songs

A review of the song

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Very nice!
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Not to derail but Her song "Sunday Morning" is so great. I heard it at a friends house and loved it and asked him who it was thinking it was some new indie band.
To my surprise the tune is like almost 40! years old and sounds nothing like anything female singers were doing back then. Truly a song ahead of it's time.
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Wow, that was positively Costellian, ie excellent. The final image extension after the reddening was unnecessary, though. :)
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2001 article says "Now a music teacher, she won't attempt a comeback." Hmm.
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Margo is divine.
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She also recorded a song called 'California Shake' some time between '68 and now. It's on Dirty Diamonds III and 25 Demos. Margo does indeed rule.
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