Two lip-sticked seal-panda babes swimming through the seas of dried noodles while having a drink...
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Japanese packaging design: snack characters. From the awesome Pingmag (previously 1, 2, 3). Via AT Chicago. Also recently in Pingmag: First Generation Graffiti in Iran.
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Hey, one of those characters looks just like me, but I don't speak Japanese, so can't figure this out without much humor and confusion.

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just the first link and already i love this post.
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Thank you! FYI there's higher res shots in their Flickr set.
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Heh. That "Milky" candy, with red-cheeked Peko-chan on it? There's a funny ad jingle that goes along with it. The lyrics go: miirukii... wa mama no aji, which means "Milky, tastes like mom."

It's quite delicious. Just like mom, I guess.
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Given the long istory of Persian and Islamic calligraphy, I have to admit I'm kind of dissappointed in the Iranian graphitti.
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Pocky stix -- they rule! I shop for the packaging first -- content later.

Mental Note: Just make sure they are not dried squid wafers or something crazy like that!
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Wonderful post jokeefe! Pingmag is such a delightful site.

KookyChow has some bizarro, er, food items and packaging.

The Japanese condom ads floor me, the cuteness and childishness of them.

Then there's the WeirdMeat blog (warning:wretch factor). But the snack items included in this webpage had me laughing out loud, really worth a look.
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These are great. When I was in Japan I wanted to remember all of them - but I would have overloaded my bag with disgusting snacks to do so. I love ramune!
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I don't know... you've gotta wonder about an interviewer who asks Iranians about "other Arabic countries" and continually asks about Arabic (in a country with a 3% Arab population?!)...
are all Chinese magazines this badly written? I love kimchee!
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