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Corporal Punishment Imagery in Print Advertising. Only NSFW if your coworkers like to jump to conclusions.

Unfortunately, it's probably a different Colin Farrell.
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. . . But where are the masochisticats?
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Speaking of Colin Farrell, there's a scene in the opening montage of SWAT where he's out jogging and suddenly vomits. Just vomits everywhere. It's during one of those quick cut musical montages, and it's never referenced anywhere else in the film. He's just out jogging and ... blooey.

Seriously, what the fuck was up with that.

Oh, nice spanking pictures, btw.
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This is actually a pretty fascinating post and website. Each ad is well explained and gives a lot of information about the context/time period of the ad.

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This is an extraordinary site.

The author has obviously put years of research and effort into the subject. It is very thorough.

The laxative ads are pretty disturbing.

One of my old employees was a young man from the west of Ireland. He took his shirt off on a summer day and it was covered in white keloid scars. I was surprised and asked him what they were. He told me "The nuns did it." from whipping him with long slips of wood when he was a kid in school. He was very angry about it, as I was seeing what had been done to him.

An excellent book on why it is wrong to hit children is "For Your Own Good" by Alice Miller.
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*meant to say, He took his shirt off and his back was covered in white keloid scars...
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Summer days covered in white keloid scars is a great metaphor.
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Yeah, great site. Educational, well written, creepy and not without a bit of humor:

..But the copy -- which presumably can't have seemed quite as gratingly jocose then as it does now...

also, have you noticed how many of the kids getting spanked were wearing striped shirts?
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World Corporal Punishment Research
is an excellent name for a band
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If I don’t get Sanka, I’m going to whip that lil’ bastard’s ass.
Yeah. Marketing.
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Excellent site. Nice find.
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You have my permission to like it. (name the movie)
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