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Fear and Loathing in Gonzovision 1978 BBC Omnibus documentary (Google Video)
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Fascinating, thanks.
posted by dazed_one at 3:57 PM on February 14, 2007

It's not opening for me right now but I think this is on the Criterion DVD of Fear and Loathing, too.
posted by muckster at 4:19 PM on February 14, 2007

I think my favorite part is around 32 minutes in, when John Dean shows up and chats with him for a bit.
posted by moss at 4:39 PM on February 14, 2007

Thank you for this. I'll have to watch the whole thing later on when I have an hour, but this rocks and is timely as I'm re-reading the Hell's Angels book right now...I was just thinking this morning how relevent and un-dated his writing style is in that book, written in 1966.
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Ya, this is on the criterion DVD. It's really hard to find though (or I am dvd-menu stupid) as I watched it once off my DVD and have not been able to figure out what disc/what menu items since.

Excellent documentary.
posted by Matt Oneiros at 5:41 PM on February 14, 2007

This documentary is pretty sad. It seems to suggest that Thompson never got out from under his most famous work.

That, plus the reasons behind his loathing for Nixon (combined the the present administration) may do a lot to explain his untimely end.
posted by sindark at 5:44 PM on February 14, 2007

Cool stuff. I was just showing my boyfriend the wine label for Heart of Darkness done by Steadman.
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Definitely worth a watch. John Dean and Bill Murray make great cameos. But my favorite part is when the BBC crew is showing him how to shoot film and he holds the Bolex like it's a .45, if that doesn't explain his approach to storytelling, I don't know what does.
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Great watching - thanks for posting this.
posted by Drexen at 7:15 AM on February 15, 2007

Somewhere in there we get to watch him do a bump while trying to hide it behind the slate. Reading this life is much less difficult than watching it.
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