Forgotten Media
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Forgotten Media. Rediscovered technology of the past. (For those that don't read Boing Boing).
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The world is a lesser place with the demise of the Zenith Radio Hat (and walking cane).
posted by pombe at 5:19 PM on February 14, 2007

if the "chordmaster" had been first, I might just have been taken in. It seemed possible that you could have devised some tube-based monstrosity that would have sounded a bit like arbitrary guitar cards in 1950. Of all the "exhibits", it came closest to having the ring of truth for me.
posted by jepler at 5:39 PM on February 14, 2007

It seems half-hearted in its attempt at authenticity. Besides, the truth is far more interesting.
posted by Hogshead at 5:47 PM on February 14, 2007

I love this, Aisforal!
posted by Dizzy at 6:24 PM on February 14, 2007

Heh, I am so going to yank my uncle with this link!
posted by figment of my conation at 7:29 PM on February 14, 2007

hmm: WALKER CAN TUNE IN WITH RADIO IN CANE (Mar, 1933, popular science)
posted by jepler at 8:26 PM on February 14, 2007

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