Second Aid?
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Etc.... Sent to my by a friend, who until recently was running the ICU at the hospital in Balad, Iraq. Emergency War Surgery.
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but where is "how to survive a gator attack"?
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Holy cow, that "how to survive a gunshot wound" link is packed FULL of totally outdated information.

They're giving you CPR steps from the 80's. Oh, wait. It's "CRP." heh.

CPR isn't going to do any good if the guy has a sucking chest wound or is leaking blood everywhere. Remember, air goes in & out, blood goes round n' round, and any variation of this is a very bad thing.
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"How To Handle Being Pepper Sprayed"---
Helping Rapists and Other Creeps Achieve Their Goals-- One Site At A Time!
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Since the midwife link says that if the baby isn't breathing to do CPR but fails to include any CPR directions, perhaps now is a good time to suggest that folks go ahead and renew their CPR certifications with the 2005 AHA standards.

The American Red Cross offers a few different classes, and the most common ones are Adult CPR & AED. They also offer infant & child CPR classes as well. I think it's a great idea for people to take those classes as well because there's quite a few differences in how resuscitation efforts are performed on children.
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Apologies if you're just snarking, Dizzy, but that link goes to the Black Cross Collective, which is a network of street medics. Their advice is geared towards protestors who are at risk of getting pepper-sprayed or tear-gassed by police. If you read the material, I think you'd see that nothing they suggest is going to get "rapists and other creeps" back on their feet fast enough to do any damage. They mostly advocate staying calm and flushing with liquid-antacid-and-water, which only helps ameliorate the pain.

Thanks for the post, serezin!
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I was indeed being arch, but apologies should be mine.
I just got pissed on in another thread, but I might've misinterpreted the pisser, or the pisser might've misinterped me.
Text sans vocal and visual cues can be tricky-- doubly so with attempts at playfulness.
I don't want the Good Guys sprayed by The Man; yet I'm wary of Bad Guys emboldening themselves.
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All good then. Yeah, I understand the concern, but I'm also reassured that on a short timeline, at least, none of those suggestions are going to relieve the effects of pepper spray enough for attackers to continue. So maybe they'll be emboldened--I hope not--but the spray will still incapacitate them.

(Er...all good except that I spelled serazin's name wrong. More apologies!)
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What patients do not want is a stinking, draining wound. What patients do not want is to lose their foot. What patients do not want is 4 more weeks of a treatment in which they do not see any benefit. To someone with a non-healing wound, wearing “baby flies” for 2 days is not too high a price to pay, if the potential for success is what is reported with MDT.

maggot debridement therapy always fascinates me. (from the gunshot link)
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That first link rocks! I have never seen so good a first aid reference.
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Dizzy, if you read the links on the topic and think about it, you'll realize that the putative rapist is gonna be pretty well out of commission regardless of whether he's able put the info to good use.

One single-digit winter day, I walked across a nearly deserted parking lot where some frickin' idiot in my department had set off a CS grenade he'd earlier bragged about having. (I think he was in the Guard and liberated it from there.) The stuff was sorta hovering close to the ground, pretty much invisible in the gloom, but walking through the vapor stirred it up to the point that while I got a pretty manageable snootful (a little burning, weepy eyes, running nose, about like fresh jalapeños), by far the worst of it worked its way up inside my pants legs to my crotch, ensuring that I'd have a whole lot of fun on the remainder of the trip home and immediately afterward.

I think I was about fifth or sixth in line for administering the beatdown when I got to work next morning.
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