"Take the gun. Leave the cannoli."
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Famous Fat Dave is an NYC cabbie. Try his Famous Fat Dave's Five Borough Eating Tour on the Wheels of Steel (myspace, embedded theme song). (via)
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Grr. I messed up the title. Admins, please feel free to hope me.
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You could also hope by not linking to stupid MySpace. Here's the whole video on YouTube
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Okay, screw the myspace stuff. This guy rocks. He's got a gag, it's a good gag -- not cheap, but good is worth it -- and he's in the perfect city to do this sort of food tour in.

This guys rocks. A++ Will Eat Again (in a week, my god, I'm so stuffed....)

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Not as good as the cab that took my gf & I from Park Slope to JFK for free the Saturday before last ;-)
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I am totally taking this tour next time I'm in town. It was the Nationals cap that convinced me.
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Late one night, my cabbie was Oleg, the Human Computer. You could pick a date at random and within a second or two, he'd tell you how many days in the past or the future it was (and he had a chart you could use to verify his math). It was my wife's birthday so he told her how old she was in month, days and hours.

I love when the hack has a shtick.

Now if only I could catch the Cash Cab.
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Cab circa 1969, website circa 1998
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The Italian deli down the street from my house has fresh cannoli in the morning on weekends, and I always try to grab some if I'm up early enough. I never would have known what it was, or thought to try it, if I hadn't read what The Hungry Cabbie had to say about it.
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