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James Bond eat your heart out - the name's Chapman, Eddie Chapman. A German spy who was awarded the Iron Cross and a yacht. A British spy who probably saved vast chunks of London from bombs. But above all, a conman with a penchant for "prostitutes, cognac, gambling, Savile Row tailoring and fast cars" according to his spymasters (warning - PDF). Read the book. Or the other book. Or see the biopic he reportedly didn't like. He died aged 83, in case you're wondering.
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I like this quote from an MI5 officer: Chapman loved himself, loved adventure and loved his country, probably in that order.
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James Bond could eat his heart out, motherfucker. He could tear it our of his chest and eat it raw, and then enjoy a nice side dish of avocado pear with French dressing and a carafe of vodka. Afterward, without anyone knowing his heart was gone, he could kill a dozen agents from SMERSH while simultaneously bedding down two blonds, a brunette, and one girl whose hair color we don't know, because she's always dressed in those 60s outfits by Pierre Cardin that look like some sort of silver space suit with a hood and big buglike goggles, and while doing so, heartlessly, Bond is always quipping, quipping, quipping.

He was just that cool.
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James Bond was, indeed, that cool - but Chuck Norris would own him.

Thanks MuffinMan. Good read. And, I now know what louche means.
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but Chuck Norris would own him.

Surely you aren't referring to Sean Connery as Bond? Cause Chuck Norris is to Sean Connery as Kenny G is to John Coltrane.

And Sean Connery was never seen in the Christian Area.
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But the restless Chapman Jimmythefish courted contradiction as keenly as he embraced adventure. Inside the traitor lay a patriot; inside the villain, a man of conscience. The problem for Chapman Jimmythefish, his spymasters and his many lovers was to know where one ended and the other began
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Yeah? Moe Berg played for the Cards and the White Sox! What did Chapman play? Penuckle?
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Hey, no sweat, I figured it must've been! I was just glad to have a chance to link to the Christian Area.
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Oh no you di'nt dis Sean Connery. Nuh uh! Don't you DARE dis my wetsuit-clad Bond fantasy!
Gotta admit, i unexpectedly found Daniel Craig a pretty hot Bond tho. I liked that he was less metrosexual. (And defibrillating his own heart? Damn. That's hardcore.)
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That was enjoyable. And the Wikipedia article is unusually artful. I like this quote:
Immediately before his arrest, he had been dining with his lover, Betty Farmer at the Hotel du Plage and made a spectaular exit through the dining room window (which was shut at the time), when he saw undercover Police coming to arrest him for crimes on the mainland.
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Ha, I see your Eddie Chapman and raise you one Sidney Reilly, né Shlomo Rosenblum, spy to four countries and also a known template for Bond through firsthand stories told to Ian Fleming through a mutual good friend.

Something I just noticed in Reilly's wikipedia bio: one of the witnesses to his extremely sketchy first marriage (to a woman whose husband had just died), in London, was Joseph Bell. I don't suppose it could have been the same Joseph Bell who famously inspired Arthur Conan Doyle...? If so, then Reilly could also have been a template for Sherlock Holmes...or Moriarty...
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More on Sidney Reilly, chez MeFi.
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